Lemme cook 4fun (worldsoul saga)

War Within: Thrall takes lead of the horde back and it will have intrigue WITHIN the faction;

Midnight: Thrall reveals that hes doing it bc the voices said he will die and he wants to fix the horde before that;

Last Titan: Thrall ascends to jesus mode after the Titans get done with.

blizz u ez

Seen this one before, no thanks


How about Voljin Returns riding a T Tex and is worshiped by all Light worshipers, even Humans.

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For a more serious take on the Worldsoul Saga and where’s it going outside of old Green Jesus memes…

11.1 Is the Undermine patch, no doubt about that. No idea if it’s going to tie into the main story or be an Ulduar style side mission, but something to do with the Venture Company. May or may not feature Gallywix as the main villain. To the best of my knowledge he hasn’t really been setup in War Within but he’s still sneaking around the narrative somewhere, and he might end up as the default villain as the only main villainous Goblin left. Gazlowe is the main viewpoint character, extrapolating from the fact he’s getting a short story and his role in Azj-Kahet questing.

11.2, No idea. Like Dragonflight, I expect the WSS is going to be a quicker two major patches then next, but with smaller story breadcrumb patches in between. Don’t know where this patch is going to take place or what the finale raid is going to be, but a big confrontation with Xal’atath. We may or may not kill her, but regardless of what happens she actually succeeds, at least partially, at her goal: bringing part of Dimensius to Azeroth.

Midnight: Quel’thelas and perhaps other parts of Northern EK are suddenly being assaulted by armies of pure void beings. Blizz already said this going to be a very elf-focused expansion, dealing with all the political baggage of the High/Blood/Void Elves. I also suspect Blizzard is going to make an attempt at tackling an Amani/Thalassian reconciliation story, whether or not they pull it off. Kith’ix is still probably buried under Zul’Aman, so I think he’s probably the final boss of either the opening patch or 12.1.

After that, though, with all the stuff about Ethereals they’ve been throwing around lately, with Locus Walker and playing the being that destroyed their home planet as an overarching baddie, K’aresh as the final patch. Maybe even playable Ethereals. Interesting theory I saw on a youtube comment that Dimensius didn’t destroy K’aresh’s world soul, he is K’aresh’s worldsoul, what happens when void magic gets to one instead of order. Could be a big “oooo lying titans” reveal.

The Last Titan, even less to go on, but I’ve got some general ideas. Iridikron takes center stage after kind of flitting about in the background of TWW and MN; not the final boss but a major driving force. Will be portrayed as having some real good points but going too far/ignoring the potential consequences of his plans. Minor questline about the Kaheti Nerubians meeting and making peace with the Azjol-Anak about the whole “abandoned to die” thing.

We will kill Odyn. Lore minded players have been waiting for the chance to kill Odyn since Chronicle 1 and the desire has only increased with time. The keepers will be forced to decide between their loyalty to Azeroth and to the Titans, Odyn will fully embrace “hell yeah reorigination” and we’ll off him for it. Aman’thul may or may not be the final boss, but probably the last nail in the coffin for “the Titans have the best interests of Azeroth’s sapient races at heart” idea.

That’s what I got from the information we have and my own speculation.

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You misspelled Anduin there.

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It had better not. I’m so. flippin’. tired. of fighting Horde leaders or former Horde leaders.


Sorry gallwix is too “entertaining” to not have as a boss fight where we fight him in a mech suit that explodes due to shoddy construction.

But the bright side is unless vol jin turns evil due to something like the void corrupting his loa state gallywix will be the last of the horde leaders turned loot pinatas

If we have to fight Gallywix in a mecha suit I want it to end with Gazlowe showing up in a much better mecha suit to completely add insult to injury in Gallywix’s defeat.


I recall someone somewhere said that the Game play will focus on Boss fights. I am not against that, especially with this new “Story Mode” that is being bandied about.

I am not against a Gallywix boss fight. A Raid Boss fight is not the end of a Character. Jaina and Sylvanas had boss fights and endured.

Count me in, only because Blizzard might prefer Anduin or Jaina somehow learning to be the best mech suit wearers of all time.

If there has to be some Gallywix Raid fight, which sounds fun - Gazlowe would probably be the best to lead it.

Though, sadly, Blizzard will probably have Anduin and Jaina lead the Horde…


LOL good one

OP accidentally leaked the next 3 expansions.

Considering how much the last trailer focuses on Thrall and the writing room’s love for him, this is very likely what will happen.

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at 1:12 in the new trailer we can see it being foreshadowed. I WAS JOKING BUT NOW IM RIGHT