Legion Quest - Suramar is buggy as f&#k!

I just turned in “The Gondolier” to Deline. “All Along the Waterways” and “Redistribution” are supposed to be offered. But there is no quest marker over his head and talking to him just gets “I hope you can manage better than our last wine thief, rest his soul” with no quest offerings below the text. I can’t see any prerequisite quests but since I’m pursuing the Loremaster achievement, this quest is needed. Does anyone have any ideas?

I decided to skip those quests for now. And now I can’t get “Bad Apples” or “Blast of Spice Fish” from Keelay Moongrow. Nothing offered.

“Make an Entrance” requires you to be in disguise.

Because “Bad Apples” isn’t offered, “Fruit of the Doom” also is not offered.

Did you ever get this to work? Deline isn’t giving me the quest either.