Legion Legacy Damage?

To those of you who are on the PTR, have you tested legacy damage in Legion raids? I don’t have it installed, so I’m asking here. I don’t mean timewalking stuff, I mean a level 60 running into say, mythic Tomb of Sargeras or Antorus or whatever and trying to solo fights. Any updates on that? I do about 30k DPS overall on most fights, just for reference.

Also, do you think they’ll make Eonar soloable somehow? Maybe taking out the ship mechanic?

Eonar is included in their patch notes about making it less challenging for solo play, but I haven’t gotten around to actually trying it yet and seeing what the difference is.

This is what Wowhead has documented:

The Mythic Eonar encounter is much easier to solo in Patch 9.1.5. The amount of life force that each mob provides the Essence of Eonar has been doubled, which means that overall the fight time is halved. However, this has additional effects, and this significantly changes when the Essence of Eonar casts Life Force, clearing the map of enemies – which is what makes this encounter soloable now to all classes.

The fight should now last under 4 minutes, and no changes to add spawns or damage have been made. This means that you can wipe just as fast as before if you don’t engage the Destructors or let too many adds attack the Essence of Eonar. As such, this fight is much easier but you’ll need to know the new strategy for the boss in Patch 9.1.5 which we’ll detail below, showing off a video and explaining how it works in text.

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Utter nonsense that a guide was made to solo a boss from 2 expansions ago. I’m so fed up with Legion content.