Legendary memory dungeon runs

I’m trying to get specific legend to drop (as everyone else) mines drops from 3rd boss on plaquefalls. Its very annoying to just have somone to drop group just cause they didn’t get their drop. It just ruins the dungeon runs cause everyone just cares for themselves.


While I agree with you, this is the process that Blizzard put in. They made the system, we really shouldn’t be surprised that people game it. Just like when they implemented LFR. It would pop up and tell you how many bosses had been killed. People would drop if they wanted all the bosses and they weren’t all up or do the opposite. Drop if al they didn’t want to kill all the bosses. Blizzard had to change that to keep people from doing that.

When the game leans as heavily into RNG as WoW does people will find ways to pad the numbers in their favor. One of the ways to do that is to spend the minimum amount of time possible for a chance at the drop you want. Then you can fit in more tries at the drop that actually matters to you.

If you wanna change this then people need to stop making excuses for excessive RNG and start pushing Blizzard to change things.


I mean hey, if it means I’m more likely to join halfway through a dungeon for a CTA bag, I’m all for it.

With a hotfix to the game that went live yesterday, we improved the drop rates of Legendary Memories relative to dungeon difficulty. Their Mythic difficulty drop rate is now significantly better than on Heroic, which is significantly better than on Normal.

More importantly – the drop rates for Legendary Memories are much higher in Mythic Keystone difficulties, and they ramp upward with the Mythic Keystone level. The availability of Legendary Memories should increase dramatically next week.


So smart and cute! Thanks!

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This is amazing thank you.

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Nice. Good change thank you.

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How will this stop dungeon leavers though?


I mean, technically it won’t stop leavers, but they’ll get their memory and be done, so no more chain-farming 40+ times. Less reason to leave early, because they’re not being asked to run it for hours upon hours on end.

That said, those peeps largely didn’t need anything from that difficulty to start with, so that’ll likely just translate to longer DPS queues more than anything else.

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It won’t, the only way to stop them is make the legendaries drop off the last boss, like mine does.


Will we see the drop moved to the final boss or the leaver penalty fixed? I assume this hotfix is in progress.

For people who already cleared their mythics for the week - is the legendary drop possible even if you’re locked out?

The only people I see this being a problem for are people who are specifically queueing for that boss and coming in after the boss they needed is already gone, aka the people you’re complaining about to begin with. Everytime I’ve seen someone drop, someone has almost instantly refilled the role, regardless of the role. People dropping hasn’t bothered me a bit.

People that are queuing for a specific instance see how many bosses are down when the queue pops and can decline the queue.

Well that just makes it even less of a problem. Now I see no problem.

Lmao rip to any fool who paid for a legendary so early.

Now if only you could do something to incentivize not leaving after their respective boss does/not drop a legendary.

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Yes, but we can advocate change. Make the drops for legendries come at the end of the dungeon.


why would you assume this?