Legacy Raid Gold Drops are BACKWARDS

So can anyone explain to me why it is I can solo heroic Dragon Soul and get 65-80 gold per boss, but when I solo Mythic Gul’dan in The Nighthold, he only drops 27 Gold… How is a level 85 raid dropping more raw gold than a level 110 raid? Why is this so backwards blizzard?

Did you really just…?

looks at guild name

Yeah, that checks out.

968 posts? you spend more time on the forums than the game. Thanks for staying on topic and providing constructive insight as to why the legacy raid gold drops are the way they are. Gold drops everywhere else in the game are seemly progressive as the level gets higher. I solo mythic Gul’dan and get 27 gold where as i walk into heroic DS and 1 shot morchok and get 70-80 gold. Makes no sense to me. Thanks again for making a joke about my guild that was 100% hilarious and completely original.

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The account is pretty damned old.

At first, I was annoyed because a lot of lowbie players have been spamming Cata and MOP raids as their primary source of gold, but hell, Blizzard knows about that already.

Have you checked the prices of the drops you’ve been getting? Are the costs of the NPC’d items enough to compensate?