Legacy loot : Unlock it all

Let’s be honest here : All of us, collectors, have been farming old instances too much in order to unlock xmogs.

The concept of having “armor type and weapon type” wearers to unlock those transmogs is good tho for the current content.

— However, for legacy instances, I think it is no longer relevant. —

How many of us have been farming one single piece countless times and had it drop on the wrong character ? Ex : Tusks of Mannaroth (The St-Graal of Frustration).

With all those instances, from those past expensions, and many they are, I think it would be time so that, when legacy loot is enabled, you unlock that piece of equipement.
No matter your armor or weapon type. (Ex: Unlocking mail chest on a druid)

At some point, trying to find all the xmogs in the game, is almost impossible.

With this update, I think, that farming transmogs would be a fun thing to do again, with a chance to see the end of the tunnel, for the hardcore collectors. Yet still be a challenge to have them all.

If you agree with this, let’s make it so that it gets the attention is deserves.


so totally agree.
another way would be to make ‘bind on pick up’ = ‘bind to account’.

I agree. Any content under Legacy Loot Rules should have mogs be unlockable by any class to start with. That way I don’t have to grind old mythic raids on every class which is absurd.

Honestly I’d be okay with a vendor for old instances that had farmable tokens to buy cosmetics with that are otherwise not dropping thanks to the RNG tables of old dungeons being wacky / contrary to current class.

But I also think some raids / instances should be resetable same day as completion. The whole “wait till tuesday” thing is fairly outdated for old content, and unnecessarily time consuming. A tactic to try and stretch subscriber numbers back in the day. But these days I think players may be more prone to quit playing because they’re tired of stuff no dropping.

Feel like there’s an untapped solo-challenge mode running old raids n dungeons as well but that might just be me.