Legacy Loot and LFR on shadowlands

So, i’ve been testin the legacy loot and the lfr of warlords of draenor and i see that we are onl getting one piece of gear, and when i use lfr my level gets donwscaled to 40 on warlords LFR

Is this intended or it’s a bug ?

They’re nerfing Legacy Loot so it only drops gear that is part of your current spec’s loot table.

It’s a measure to prevent players from making gold by running old raids.

As far as whether or not Legacy Loot is actually getting enabled, I’m not certain, but people with Beta access seem to be confirming that Legacy Loot is getting nerfed.

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That sounds like a conspiracy.

Give me a source please.

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If this is the case they’re going to make a lot of players angry, me included.


I’m still waiting for a source, personally.

I haven’t seen anything about legacy loot changes since they added Legion to the list.

Along with a “no plans to change legacy loot at this time” in July.


Yeah, the thing with scaling the character to level 40 (there’s no reason to do this when queuing LFR solo) and getting less loot if you manage to accomplish it… just feels like an undocumented change working as intended.

I submitted a bug for this on beta. I’ve seen it similar in beta and ptr but I hear they’re on the same build? Has anyone tried other LFRs?

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I haven’t gotten a chance to do much on PTR, no. :confused:

Oh weirdness abounds… I tried Pandaria LFR… and I don’t meet the requirements for it with a level 50 toon! … so I submitted a bug for it :frowning:

I’m not sure what’s going on there but it seems bad news bears in general.


I’m sure they’ll fix it eventually.

preferably before launch.

And so do me

According to Grumbles, it appears that they nerfed Legacy Loot to combat raw gold acquisition.

Maybe it’s just a bug that triggers as a result of the level squish, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s an intentional change to Legacy Loot, either.

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I was more looking for an official source that it was intended.

Otherwise, I’d consider it a bug.

I don’t farm old raids for gold acquisition anyway but it’s a nice side effect.

Figured someone would have to start a conspiracy theory over a bug.

Obviously legacy loot isn’t working at all right now. It appears to be stuck with personal style loot.

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What was also odd to me was the complete lack of any greens/blues in old raids or even 99% of the trash greys I used to get. That is what tells me more than anything either the loot tables not fully loaded (or possibly this was intentional but I hope not).


Pretty sure the same thing happens on personal loot, which it is why it sounds like a bug.

Is it really a conspiracy after Blizzard has tried to sneak in stuff like Level Scaling before and only told people about it after a major uproar and being called out on it?

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With the level squish a bug makes a lot more sense than anything.

We don’t know how they activated legacy loot, was it looking for a specific level? Wouldn’t put it past them to code it that way.

I farm old raids and dungeons somewhat regularly and i dont see that much of greens and whites on mewer raids as in ones from wotlk to cata on retail

Sounds like a bug to me.

I mean, if Blizzard really wants to cut gold then there are easier ways.
Maintain the same amount of drops but that the gold per piece drops to 1c.

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Yea, and it’s not like it’s THAT much gold for the effort. To get noticeable amounts you have to run it on a lot of characters.

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