Leg Sweep needs 2 charges

WW should get 2 charges of leg sweep. The 3 second duration is fine, I get it, since it is aoe but WW needs some type of extra interrupt. Heck with diminished returns it would only be 1.5 sec. I don’t think something like this is unreasonable.

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Not a popular opinion but this is why I picked Panda as a race! I use Quaking Palm as an interrupt and I love it!


Uh yeah no.


Pandas in the house! Love my quaking palm!

P.s. and with an alchemical flavor pocket food becomes like an extra flask …

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Normal interrupt

Aoe stun

Single target stop (paralyze)

Ring of Peace (aoe stop, area denial, and a rediculous interrupt against a wall)

That isn’t enough?

Yeah this is so much fun lol. I also love taking the flag wsg and then running into the tunnel and blocking it off behind me :joy:

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Yes ! <3 <3

at best as ww we should get the extra yard talent for free but anything esle would be broken to be fair … 2 charge of aoe stun would be hell in m+ & pvp