Leatherworking: Drums update - The War Within

In “The War Within” alpha it looks like leatherworking drums are making return however they only provide a 15% haste buff. I find it extremely frustrating that the one consumable leatherworkers can provide is extremely lack luster compared to the actual Heroism/Bloodlust ability.

I understand that the ability to bring that ability to a group is part of what makes having one of those classes useful but it makes the drums effectively useless because they feel bad to use because there’s such a difference between the two. I would understand like a 5% nerf compared to the actual ability but half of the amount feels way too extreme.

Is there a possibility to revisit this Blizz in the name of making it more about bringing the player not the class?

Apologies if this is the wrong place. I have no idea how to use this forum.

Least you can use them in instances. Unlike bombs. Partial version is better than none at all yes?