Least Fun Classes to Main

(Deistic) #27


I’ve tried them in the past and even made it to 100 with one but I just find their play style so boring.

Priest is a close second for me.

(Klankz) #28

I struggle with Monks…

I just feel like the karate fantasy just doesn’t fit for me like the other classes do in this game. I did just make a new ZTroll that is a monk to give it a shake but the idea of punching things or throwing kegs of booze at stuff feels off for me.

(Valrayne) #29

I leveled a hunter to 110 for heritage mog. Hated it so much I deleted the toon afterwards. I don’t know how people can play that class and remain sane.


For some reason I can never enjoy playing warlocks.


I generally like hybrid classes that can do a bit of everything.

Druid, Paladin, Monk.

I like the versatility of having Tanking, DPS, and healing all in one class.

That said I have played every class and now have a lvl 120 Feral Druid and a 120 Ret Paladin.

Ret seems a bit sluggish for me though I am admittedly not all that geared yet.

I have a variety of characters at 100 and or 110. I have a fury warrior. I recently tried arms and I think I may prefer Arms though I love having two huge 2h swords with titansgrip.

I like demon hunters they are pretty fun.

I recently have been playing a lock and am about lvl 84 with her. A lot more fun than I thought the class would be.

I would say of all of them?

Priest and Mage have been my sticking points. Mage I have found to be too squishy and I mainly rolled a nightborne mage for the lore reasons.


I tried levelling a feral druid once.
Once. And the poor thing got to 45, too…
If I can’t furiously mash keys and deal DPS, i’m generally going to be extremely salty when fighting more than 2 mobs.

(Mewcie) #33

I used to be a Holy Priest main.

Smite. Smite. Smite. Smite. Smite. Smite. Chastise. Holy Fire. Repeat.

Open world content was a drag to say the least.

Though I will say just running through old raids while Holy Nova-ing everything was pretty fun.


Everything not a BM hunter.

(Skara) #35

I don’t enjoy any ranged accept maybe Affliction Warlock.

(Ifrzu) #36

Can confirm. Trying to level my 80 spriest right now through hyjal and it’s PAINFUL. Luckily I’ve just been going disc and leveling though BG’s.


I’ve never been able to play a DK past the starting experience. Ever. I’ve also never maxed out a mage, a hunter or a rogue.

(Zeropointt) #38

Anything that isn’t a Mage.

(Myras) #39

Paladin, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior. I hate playing big meaty classes and just don’t do well with those four in particular. I love tanking but have to be on a Bear to enjoy it. I can tolerate Bear because I have Resto and Balance to fall back on at range, and Kitty is pretty fluid and mobile.

(Tewa) #40

I’ve never been able to get into Shaman. Whether Ele or Resto, the cast times have always just felt too long. It’s like playing in molasses.

(Teenietoon) #41

Well, I’m still at level 90 sooooo…………

(Vadimier) #42
  1. Demon Hunter. Hate the aesthetic, the playstyle, and the lore.
  2. Druid. Don’t like shapeshifters, prefer to see my character.
  3. Priest. Just can’t get into it. Liked old disc alright but it went poof.

(Nicodemùs) #43

I tend to eschew melee for the most part, though I have leveled melee classes.

My least favorite classes though would probably be:

Monk - I level my monk as mistweaver so I can just heal my way to max level. It’s not my favorite healer to be sure.

Warrior - I just don’t like how any spec plays. Protection is tolerable but for tank specs I’d rather play any other class.

That’s about it for me.

(Vadimier) #44

My heart breaks a little whenever someone says they don’t like warriors.

Why you no love Viking Santa?


(Jerauld) #45

Mages, All specs.
Demon Hunter, All specs.
Monk, Brewmaster.
Warrior, Arms.

(Voidarcane) #46

I only don’t like play 2 classes, Priests because #1 I don’t heal I suck at healing and it has 2 heal specs which makes shadow quite dry for me. As well a monk, I don’t know why but I just do.