Lead Design : Bring back Jeff Kaplan

Perhaps, though it is a lesson to the future game directors for wow. Not a good lesson, I’m glad that despite all the crap sent his way, Ion is still willing to talk with us.

I like Jeff’s passion. He clearly loves what he is doing and that comes through in every video he makes about Overwatch. He’s excited, he wants to share what’s coming next. He’s so enthusiastic.

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No surprise Chris Metzen was getting anxiety attacks etc… Ion’s got nerves of steel! :stuck_out_tongue:

I normally see Bellular as a click bait-y YouTuber who makes a bunch of videos for one topic, but that video Comanche linked above you actually does a very good job explaining what’s wrong with the current design philosophies. If you didn’t watch it yet, I actually recommend it.

On the topic of good-bad, I agree that it’s just conspiracy theory. But for 15 years I have seen the pattern as far as my own enjoyment to the game; there hasn’t been two expansions in a row that I genuinely enjoyed or hated. It’s one conspiracy I agree with because it is how I’ve felt.

Some changes need to be made at a fundamental design level, and that’s what I sincerely hope they’re doing for Shadowlands. The game needs a good, solid experience and foundation to build on.


Ya, they announced there would be no neck or weapon to level. I can cancel my preorder if I don’t like the direction. There was something to “do” to obtain the armor, oddly I don’t find there to be a correlation between me anticipating playing and me disagreeing with the current content.

I guess for a guy being cynical about me having maybe unpopular opinion and meanwhile posted " SO I’M GONNA GET FLAMED FOR THIS BUT" and go on to describe how you like Mechagnomes and Vulpera.

and then that same guy defends shadowlands in other posts Is Shadowlands even worth being called an expansion?

…but somehow, I’m a target because I prepurchased the game and having grievances about aspects of the game that would hopefully improve it. I guess you got me… :roll_eyes:

O rly? Where?

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is he the guy who designed Cata??

If so…

So…for the past 6 months, from when 8.2 launched to now, they’ve communicated three times. In fact, you even had to link something from 8.2. And that Radio Host one isn’t interaction with the community, it’s a PR stunt.

Ion and the current dev team are some of the most uncommunicative people I’ve seen for modern game design. Granted, this forum is full of hyper chihuahua type players who are aggressive if they see the color blue, but that’s no different than with Overwatch. And yet despite Jeff’s problems with feeling directly attacked by people on the forums, he shares his opinions for the changes his team are working on and requests feedback that they actually seem to value.

Ion and his team don’t take feedback. Their ego doesn’t allow it.


I never made it the point that it was because your opinion was unpopular. I just disagree with you. I don’t hate nor like Ion. You going on a tirade about him is a bit jarring because you complain about WoW and then buy an expansion that isn’t changing in that regard.

Also why did you feel the need to dig up old posts? Especially ones that barely relate to your point?

Yes. I defended it because I disagreed with OP. There is no reason to judge an expansion you haven’t played. When I don’t know about something, I like to be optimistic.

Now I don’t know what you’re going on about in regards to unpopular opinions, because you’re the one who made that up and are acting like it’s the point, but okay.

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Speaking of feed back when was the last Q and A because it seems like they communicated more in Legion where they were constantly going we need to communicate more.

This is Ion’s mantra yet has managed to fail since he started saying it. Less and less communication over all for this expansion, but it could be just because they abandoned it halfway through (evident from the data mined war fronts never coming to pass and islands being dropped like hot garbage).

So you just looked at the number of links and went with that?

Those were a few examples. Speaking of egos, just because they don’t like your feedback doesn’t mean they aren’t using feedback for developing the game.

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I’d take that bet and give you odds. Nobody was asking for Greg Street to come back.

My stars… Did you have to clutch your pearls and push down your skirt when you heard it?

I think you trying to point out that I don’t like something currently and somehow that invalidated because I bought the expansion (again, which I would refund today if they told me it would be BfA 2.0) and then you’re on defending Shadowlands and reasons why people should purchase it, the contrast to its current content and future featured content is somewhat hypocritical. Also, you sitting there and criticizing somebody who may not share the same viewpoints as others but conveys them to the community regardless is just pompous.

Thanks for making my point.

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Heck no. He’s the reason I left OW for good.

They definitely aren’t using any feedback that I’ve seen, on any online platform. I don’t care if my feedback is or is not used, but the fact remains that they’ve dug themselves into a messy hole with their attitudes regarding development. Mine aren’t game changing, and my ideas and feedback could just not be used at all. That’s fine, I play the game they make. But the game itself has a fundamental system problem that they’re doubling down on, and regardless, there are serious problems that they seemingly don’t even want to address.


Ok so 550 people don’t like him.


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Those all look like somebodies.

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He killed Mercy. No, he can stay the flux over there.

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Lol imagine only having 5 month radio silence with wow