Layoffs, Leaves, and the Story

WoW like Star Wars is fine and both are doing quite well. Neither franchise is dying. People need to stop being ridiculous.


Yep wow is a brand far too powerful to be wasted, even if wow as the current game is replaced by something new.
Warcraft will continue to exist for a long time.

Doomsayers will always exist, as will pettiness and egos.


Besides, I don’t anyone at blizzard itself were fired, this is just your typical merger move. As in they got rid of redundant positions and moved ones they don’t actually need over seas

This happens all the time across all companies


You’ve been assuming WoW is going to end after the Worldsoul Saga quite frequently Zerde. Honest question: Is it because you want it to die? Because you keep looking for thing to point to that you can interpret as proof it is going to happen, and it’s starting to seem like it’s something you’re hoping for.


Wow has been dead since vanilla if you believe everything people say,


Why would I want it to die? Having said that I dont think WoW itself will last forever and Blizzard has clearly given us a rough draft of how they want the story to end.(with whatever Zovaal saw as likely the final antagonist of WoW).

And with us guranteed at least 2030, its not like me predicting its going to end “soon”. I think WoW will at least have may 3-5 more expansions after even the world soul saga. But maybe it won’t and Microsoft will put it on maintenance(hence why the whole "thunderous applause thing). Who knows.

They want a reason to complain, that’s all. Lots of people like that. Microsoft doomers. They think, somehow, that now that one of the most profitable companies in the world has them, that means the company is gonna be axed. I don’t get how they think business works, but like. They don’t spend a crap ton of money just to close them.


They literally just axed a bunch of people and cancelled one of Blizzard’s only new IP in almost a decade. If WoW doesnt preform as well as they hoped I doubt Microsoft will keep it/spend as much resources to keep it going.

I’m not sure that would be such a terrible thing tbh.

I’ve got a lot invested in WoW, sure, but with the game being in the spotlight for so long… WoW has stopped just being an adaptation of Warcraft and has just subsumed the IP itself. And that IP is increasingly being developed to fit WoWs needs as a game first and foremost. I don’t think that’s lead to an overall better place for the franchise.

A new IP they made zero progress on in six years


I think that speaks to the stagnation of Blizzard for the passed decade. Not to the magnificence of this axed project.


When Microsoft axes a game, they view it as unsalvagable. You are worrying over legit nothing. Stop trying to get people worked up


The only thing I see is that microsoft is moving its fingers to make blizzard and Activision good again, the last decade was the decadence of blizzard in all fronts, wow was called a curse around 2009/11 cuz it was the only product blizzard had that was successful and after that they got d3 and starcraft and others games rolling but look at blizz now? Only warcraft is profitable and everything else can go to the dump and not that many digits would Change in the quarters end.
We are at the same situatiob that blizzard was in 2009, so cutting a unrelased game and clearing some overlap positions is not a end of world of warcraft situation if anything is microsoft clearing the house so they can hire, move or help the workers at blizzard to make warcraft great again.

lol. By the time it would have come out, people would be like “eww. Who plays survival games anymore.”


And maybe Microsoft will view as not making enough profit for them.

Look, WoW will end someday. That is a fact of any MMO. The question has always been a when and not a question of if. Suffice to say, how profitable WoW remain will likely have a big factor on then “when” question

Go be a doomer somewhere else

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Sure, it’ll end eventually. But that doesn’t have to be anywhere near soon.

You can still play EverQuest 1, and 2 for that matter, on legal servers run by their owners. They’re still making expansions and new content for them.


Zerdes been desperate for WoW to die lately


lol. I see that. Seems like the “I’m the smartest person I know” type

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Mmkay, but you’re acting and typing like this is something already determined to be in the near future. All evidence suggests WoW is financially doing just fine.

Microsoft owns the company that makes The Elder Scrolls Online. TES:O is still live. TES:O has never been as big as WoW, and still is not. Yet they have an expansion coming out this june. If MS will still publish this game, what makes you think WoW is in any form of financially dire straits?