Layoffs, Leaves, and the Story

See, I’m a lifer. I’m in my third account. First one was banned in vanilla. I use to do some dumb stuff. Get people stuck under stormwind and make em pay me to be shown the way out. Second account I retired after bfa. I had too much stuff unlocked on it. Talkin like 97% of the achievements. I retired it and purposely changed all the info on it to where I’d never remember it, cause I thought I was done. Then dragonflight came and I could have gotten the old one back, but it’s been fun re-doing the achievements and unlocks. Except for that goth unicorn. That temple in pandaria was wors than I remembered. Lol

Eh. People liked him because he played M+ , or something. As someone who does not partake in M+, maybe having less of that sort at the helm is a good thing. There are other aspects to the game.

Let us hope so.


So layoffs seem to be the entire survival game team and a lot of CS and GMs

I reiterate the need for everyone to join and become active in your union or organize your workplace.


Ah, I see what’s happening here, darn. I suspect we’ll be hearing this story continuously over the next decade as companies outsource these jobs not abroad, but to AIs.

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I highly doubt this is going to effect any game development or story. The layoffs are probably all from cancelled games such as the Survival Game that they axed, as well as redundant jobs in HR and CS positions.

This whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. This is to be expected with a merger and anyone who is surprised by this just doesn’t understand what happens during mergers and acquisitions.

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The entire CS team got cut except for probably top managers only to be outsourced, likely to a 3rd party using exploitative and cheap labor be it abroad or in some federal min wage state. Maybe, just maybe, this is why regulation exists and should be toughened as highly profitable companies are sooner to perform mass layoffs than provide decent pay, benefits, or job security to its employees just to appease shareholders. Short of full worker control over the company, further protections need to happen.


They’re being given severance benefits.

And there we go. Can’t post links so just close the gap:

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But USG apparently had a lot of issues with its engine and was aiming/hoping for a 2026 release, assuming they could get even more devs for it. Good chance Microsoft saw it as another Halo Infinite in the making and just cut it.

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Honestly suprised they didnt axe the survival game sooner. Who tf thought that would be a good idea.

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The survival genre is pretty popular right now. It has been for several years. From the sounds of things, it was pretty fun and probably would have been a great game if they fixed the engine issues. A game that could’ve been successful not getting released is a tragedy, especially since Blizzard is in need of new IP.


I don’t think that Blizzard is viewing it’s storylines in those terms. The one they’re ending now is referred to as the Night Elf saga which began in BFA with the destruction of Teldrassil and ended with the Night Elf restoration on Amirdrssil. Up until then each expac was it’s own saga.

The fact they were forced to use an internal engine and not unreal seems like it was the greatest cause of their downfall.

Has Blizzard ever used an engine that isn’t theirs?

I dont think so but the article does state that alot of time was being wasted creating something in unreal only to port it to their propriety engine. That the devs would have preferred just using unreal outright.


Prior to all this… I never heard of what ever the heck “survival thingy” was going to be. I am almost certain I wouldn’t have cared had it launched.

Sounds like a good thing they axed it, from what I have read so far. Sometimes it is better just to cut your losses, than digging deeper until you hit a Balrog.

As far as people losing their jobs… I live in a Right to Work State. Quick Story:

One of the office gals returned from her maternity leave to get laid off a couple weeks later. While she was being terminated, she was literally wearing the milking machine we as coworkers chipped in for. It was quite a scene.

A lot of her phone work was phased to a third world call center in her absence, and it was cheaper for the company to continue with that.

My point being - businesses aren’t always just charity. Investors want returns. I am all for Worker Protections, but at some point, we can’t just call all job losses as sordid or uncalled for.

I can imagine merging with Microsoft would have some redundancies.

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Hearthstone isn’t doing well financially from what I recall from last quarter’s report. Rumble is likely bringing in quite a bit of income.

Typical layoff procedure - throw the rank-and-file under the bus to protect the people at the top actually responsible for the bad decisions.


we’re screwed
its gonna be destroyed like windows 11 sucks
what fools we were

To paraphrase Star Wars. So this is how World of Warcraft dies, with thunderous applause(at the Microsoft buyout)