Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Yes was a initially annoyed that my server got blind sided and doubled in population in a matter of two weeks without blizz truly telling us and most of finding out the hard way, yes. ( thus why I now have to check the forums) Am I annoyed that the horde is now the dominate faction yes. Why? Because I did what I was supposed I went to a medium server, and I went to one I favor of the alliance and rolled the minority faction to help out not be part of the population/ balance problem. Would I love a balanced or alliance favored server of medium size again definitely.
Would I trade places with you at this point, yes I would your server is the size EF was.
Am I for transfers coming in, No. But if Earthfury does reopens it needs to be alliance only not horde to help rebalance the server and add to its overall health. Because if transfers are no controlled agin we will get ques again and maybe layers, and the population will get more and more lopsided to the point it should just be pve server.
My question for you and everyone else in your shoes Miss for I can not wrap my head around this concept. Is why can’t you play with other people in an MMO. There no way you know everyone in your guild in the real world you met (most of) them online. You don’t actually know them. And on top of that there’s no way as a healer you can’t find a new raid slot in a new guild people are always looking for a healer.

These are my friends IN REAL LIFE. guess what people have those. I paid money to transfer and play with them. I already played in a guild with players I met online, sure I could do that again… But apparently you cannot get it through your thick skull that people have made relationships with other players in the game and would like to maintain them. You obviously cannot grasp that.

No, what I was trying to understand is why so many people like you are so admit about reuniting with there guilds for the most part I find it hard to believe that whole guilds are made up of real world friends that know each other outside of the game hang out out/ work together in the real world.
Thus causing the reason that I wonder why people can’t just join a different guild on there current server to hold them over or replace the one they lost. If your guild is all outside of WOW friends then that make sense as you all joined to together. But in game friends were just chance encounters that lead to you grouping and raiding together.

Originally I did start out annoyed and frustrated with how EF got treated. Now I have come to terms with what happened and am just trying to figure why people are so admit about getting to EF even if it means ques could come back and the faction balance potentially getting worse if they enable Horde transfers to EF. Is faction balance not important to people? Also didn’t most transfers come to EF to avoid ques why risk having them again?

Queues are back on Earthfury, layering?

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Can we get a time frame on when Grobbulus will unlock? I have a friend that wants to play… but is waiting for it to unlock.

Why though

Queuerona strikes back.

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Please implement dynamic respawns

I mean, people have been crying about not being able to roll on the locked servers since they locked them. Then crying about layering because they missed a world buff so… I guess they figured “Let them queue then”. And now we wait to see if people cry about not being able to get online.

… Classic is running off the Legion client, what do you even mean.

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Meanwhile every other gaming company that isn’t Blizzard is doing a different strategy rather than ruining servers, locking servers, creating queues.

It’s called having 2020 technology that lets people play their games.

This is like going to a cake store and asking for a cake, and getting a cake with every company. Then going to Blizz cakes and asking for a cake and getting a bagel, and when you say you didn’t want a bagel you wanted cake they give you a box of alfalfa sprouts- while in the background some dbag says ‘wow, nothing this company does can make these horrible customers happy, eh?’.


Uhhhh I hope that isn’t too long. My guildies transferred to a server and I wasn’t able to join them so I’ve been waiting for ages here.


No, it is not.
Classic is running the same code base as BFA.

Which means all of nothing though, as the physical world is completely a vanilla asset, and the zones are not properly designed for that.
Too messy, too much bleed over, it was not a thing back in 2004, there was no reason to design the physical world for it.

I am having the same issue as a lot of others, my level 60 main + others were able to take the free transfer to Earthfury. My 60 alt had honor for the week so I decided to wait until the reset to transfer him. Now he is stuck on Incendius while my other char’s are on Earthfury, makes no sense why I can’t pay for a transfer to a realm which I already have characters. I am not two people.


Please unlock transfers on Pagle. Been leveling a character to play with a friend for almost a month now. Finally opens up and I can’t even bring my character over… Real bummer. Feel like I wasted hours upon hours.


Great job with removing layers. Already there is a 58 minute queue. I love looking at the queue screen. SO MUCH better then playing the game. Great job Blizzard. Anything else you want to “fix”?

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WTB Layer 2 on Whitemane. PST.

Do not want 6hr queues again tomorrow as people start pitching tents in Org, pushing jump every 15 minutes, 6 hours before their raid time…


So once again blizzard… Once again, I am stuck in a fricken queue because YOU decided to remove layers because you were supposedly more smart then the players. I told you immediately after this was posted that QUEUES WOULD COME BACK because players behavior would change based on the knowledge that layers were gone and they would begin to SIT ON SERVERS NOT LOGGING OUT, and here we are! Sitting in a one hour queue to play a game that I pay you $15/mo for. WHY? Why should I continue to pay you for a product that I can’t play when I want to play? My guild is raiding right now, and I am going to miss the raid because now there is a queue and I just got back from work. Cancelling my sub right now.