Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Please take my 25$ im trying to transfer where my guild went and I cant because i was late by 24hour to the free transfers it really bumming now i litteraly cant play.

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Can you please stop layering my servers, i would rather have a 3 hours queue thanks.


It’s been nearly 2 weeks Blizzard, how much reduction has there been in server populations on these affected realms? My guess - nada. Come to your senses and open up free transfers to select realms. Locking and layering does nothing to address the underlying issue of overpopulation.


I don’t get how you can’t play. You can still log in correct. Thus you can play just find a new people to play with. I’m sure you haven’t met most of your guild in real life, so I am sure you can repeat making internet friends. Because if it Earthfury you are trying to go to we don’t want anymore refugees

Will it be possible to free transfer from a locked realm to an unlocked realm?
I’d like this so I can play with my friends who are returning to WoW and want to play Classic with me.


Update April 30 – 3:00 p.m. PDT

Earthfury is no longer layered.

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Alright, 1 down

Earthfury is about to crash in Org waiting for a world buff. Can’t retrieve mail, etc. I think this was done too early.

can we transfer to Earthfury ??

Nope. We have enough people already.

My guild is on Earthfury, you can shut the hell up buddy???

no it wasnt anything is better than layered

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Pagle server please.

Hope not to many refugees already. Go find a new guild there more than one guild in the game. Not everyone has to try to pile on EF and make it have ques again.

youre actually cringe and never been apart of a real guild. LOOOOOOOOL

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Transfers to earthfury doesnt work, is that intended?, would like to rejoin my guild who left my server few weeks ago, i’ve been stuck for a while

Thank you


Bro… People spend months getting geared. Rerolling isn’t that easy

Right dude!? FFS he thinks rerolling is just a matter of creating a new char

People also spent months enjoy there medium sized server. Full is full we just got layers to go away we can’t afford to get more people or the same que problem that everyone came here to avoid will come back.

No at the end of the day I know full means full. Your internet buddies left to avoid ques, only to create them. We lost layering, true but if the let more people transfer again the problem that everyone transferred to get away from
will only come back.
Additionally I bet you would not of even saw EF as a viable server to play on when it was a medium server it only now that it is full people want to be here