Layering: Few Weeks or Phase 1

It’s the opposite. It expands a single realm with a unified namespace. Merging/CRZ servers crashes two independent namespaces together and forces “surnames” on people.

Merging after a month or two with most players not even level 60 is nothing like merging two long time servers with established communities.

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It doesn’t actually take very long for a community to become established.

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i would imagine any merges they do would be connected realms , so you would keep your name.

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Studmuffyn-Veknilash is not Studmuffyn. Especially if you came across Studmuffyn-Blackrock and stared at each other in game.

That really depends on the size of the realm. Particularly if we’re talking about an expected 60+% drop rate in weeks. The dude I see today in westfall almost certainly never going to see him again…

Here’s the thing, for sharding to get turned off three things need to happen.

  • Blizzard needs to correctly guess how many tourist will leave.
  • Blizzard needs to only let in enough people per server so if that many people leave they can turn sharding off.
  • The tourist need to leave.

So what we have here is a convenient out and a convenient way to force that situation. Just put too many people in to begin with.

“We wanted to shut down sharding but it’s to successful.”

“Not enough tourist left.”

Hey man, don’t take it personally. No one actually reads anything at all. You’d be lucky to find a person that actually reads and understands what they are reading, instead of someone that skims and doesn’t absorb any material or actually just doesn’t read. Most people fall into category #2.

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You’re implying that they want to maintain the system. Every single thing they’ve said is that they promise to get rid of it after a few weeks.

Back to this.

all of them are me currently:O), and its good enough, beats losing the name.

It wasn’t a Vanilla strategy or something the was effective. CRZ is one of the pillars of the downfall of Retail.

did you just say i read category#2? :O)

Well see, what around December I guess.

We’ve turned sharding off.


We’re really sorry, we wanted to turn sharding off but not enough people left the servers to allow for it.

Im talking about connected realms though not CRZ though.

They didn’t have merges in Vanilla either, but if they needed to do them now , all I am saying is that Connected realms is likely what they would use.

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I’m not sure I follow the difference. Connected Realms were the original CRZ, just with a smaller set of realms. It still created duplicate names etc.

no CRZ is how they populate zones, Connected Realms are how they merged entire realms.

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I’ll amend my wording then.

Connected realms was part of the downfall of Retail WoW.