Layering could be a part of the world - not a system event or ui action

I just needed to get this idea off my chest, I think it’s the best version of layering, if layering has to exist .

Layering could be part of the world and not a server system event or a UI action. To phase to the next layer they could require the player to be within a rested area and to interact with an innkeeper, or summoning stone.

All the layering issues seem to stem from the fact it happens instantly and anywhere. If you limit the location and the time required to make the transition, I think you fix a lot of the exploit problems. Problems, such as; spamming Gurubashi arena chests, mages AoE farming on multiple layers, abusing herb/ore spawn points and the worse offender saving yourself from a gank.

Distance to travel is a key resource in Classic WoW and this layering system could stay true to the other systems.

Also, add a cast time to the layering transition within meeting stones so if you were using a meeting stone to escape PvP outside of a dungeon if becomes just as preventable as a hearth with twice the cast time would be.

And, to be clear this is for target layering transitions such as joining a party, not the layering that happens automatically when loading a continent.

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Yep. There needs to be an element of default layer too, so that you can’t jump through a group and remain on your new layer forever, but requiring people to pass through a Rested Zone will prevent easy swapping, and the place is already known for where people instantly disappear mid stride (logging off) or reappear (logging on).

Immersive video games are the kind that tend not to remind you that you are playing a video game. All of these suggestions break immersion. Just as layering does, although it is less of an issue potentially. this puts more of a spotlight on the artificial system that is layering.