Layer switching is the problem, not layering itself

this is great news

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I knew it all along. The Classic development team is nothing short of awesome. You love Classic as much as we do.

Now about those few that have already “abusively” exploited…


I can confirm this because I’ve been running Census for Pagle since launch. I highly doubt there’s 13,000 alliance on ONE layer at any given time.

Edit: See Pagle forum Census post for more info

I think the folks that spread this crap should be sanctioned.


Its harder for me to trust ppl paid to do crowd control on forums.

While it’s great that you’ve seen this. The problem is that it’s already been abused despite the community asking for these limitations since Layering was announced. Just adding a delay won’t solve the issue either.

The first point is relevant, as well, because especially on an RP server, immersion is broken when people disappear, and layer hopping should be a conscious effort, not an incidental action.


If they were just concerned with crowd control they would just start banning and deleting posts rsther than relay information to the player base


As I thought, a very few are screaming and exaggerating an issue that is very minor and not have any meaningful impact.


People having hundreds of lotus already isn’t really insignificant.

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This is a striaght up lie.
Do /who felwood
and then do
/who z-“felwood”
while you are in felwood

neither result is >50 results but both return different results. One query returns a single layer results, one returns all layer results.

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Doesn’t that also return players and guilds with “felwood” in their names?

Do you see all the results of the first query included in the results of the second query?


Yes, but it’s rather obvious when it does so.

Exaggerated and those with said resource are not getting an advantage from layering.


People had epic mounts in less than a week but that’s not a big deal?



You should’ve learned that lesson a decade ago.

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You can see the zone they are in. All are in zone felwood for both queries.

The screenshot was stated by Blizzard to be false, however doesn’t change the fact there is an issue.


Yeah. I’m asking if you see all the results from your “one layer” query included in the results for the “all layers” query.