Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

Seeing as there are no photosensitivity warnings when logging into the game i find i get flash banged anytime I use a teleporter in oribos. The worst is Tazavesh and when it bugs… oml… infact let me upload a video to the wow subreddit to show you the extreme of this



Yeah, I got that bug once, luckily I was a Necrolord so it wasn’t as blinding as the Kyrian one. But there have been flashing and bright lights in the game since 2004; I’m sure there is something somewhere that says it happens.

What key is he playing on?
That’s cute too.

wiggles toes

I hate that, websites do that too. I use Dark Mode everywhere (Dark Reader extension) and some websites have a filter search (example: and when you click to update the results it will flash a white background sometimes and blind you.

Also if you use and need to “leave” it to search something on Google it does the same and blinds you (do a search for World of Warcraft !g to see)


I pray for a real dark mode one day

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Just think it as an impromptu eye exam.
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There is only one game I can recall that has a photosensitive warning and it pops up every time I load Lost Ark.

I remember the first couple days Cyberpunk was out the braindance player would flash bright lights quickly to the point where it was causing seizures.

In game:

Press escape
Check mark alternative full screen effects

Lawsuit crisis avoided


it’s just one effect that does this not multiple

I’m almost positive that legally they don’t have to put the warnings on the game and it’s up to user guidance to be aware of it.

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that’s why the mcdonalds coffee lady won that one case huh lol


That’s not the reason she won. It’s because of the damage she took and in the end, nothing was changed. They avoided responsibility by paying a minor amount and then moved on. One of the most frivolous lawsuits ever. If I was holding a very hot beverage in the car, I’d be sure it wasn’t over my lap, and covered securedly.


2.7 mill for a burned nether region seems like a good deal to me lol but fact is she won because no cup said caution hot , just like this being a liability just pointing it out is all

Absolutely untrue. It’s almost the equivalent of not being WCAG compliant.

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That money might as well be peanuts to the permanent scarring and nerve damage done to my dear pet dragon.
You value your nethers far too little.


In other news, the grass is outside apparently.

not trying to sound insensitive but if a game doesn’t have a warning…one should assume it may be there.

games may or may not have light effects like this.

its like going into a bar and it doesn’t have beer signs outside. you can assume they have beer. even if there are no signs saying such.

This has literally been a thing for years across the industry. A LOT of games put this in a very brief header while launching the game.

And a lot more don’t.