Launcher's "Remain Offline?" Prompt

I log in to the game every day. Since a few weeks ago, but never before, the launcher pops up a box asking me if I want to remain offline. It offers me a choice of reducing these prompts to once every seven days.

My question: what’s the point of it? I assume it’s referring to whether I want my Battle-net tag to be publicly available. Well, I don’t. That’s why it’s set to show me off-line, and has been since Battle-net tags were assigned.

So what’s the point of this prompt, and am I correct in assuming it’s related to public display of my Battle-tag? Why is it forcing me to refresh my privacy setting this frequently?

Thanks in advance.


No, it is specifically asking if you would like to change your online status for your Battlenet friends list. Your Battlenet friends list allows you to appear:

  • Online :green_circle:
  • Away :clock1:
  • Busy :red_circle:
  • Offline :black_circle:

This only applies to your BattleTag in your Friends List. If you’re in WOW and someone has your WOW character on their WOW friends list then they will still see you come online. Your guildmates will also be able to see you online.

If you’re playing a game that only uses BattleTag (ex: Overwatch), users will still see your BattleTag and will still be able to send you friend requests or see you in their Recent Players list.


I think it’s kind of a reminder that you’ve still got your status set to “Appear Offline” just in case you set it once and forgot about it. The prompt allows you to reduce the frequency of that (possibly annoying) reminder and have it only pop up once a week.

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I want to put in my displeasure for this notification.

I never want my status to be online, the 7 days check mark is annoying and a slap in the face. Let me disable this prompt entirely as I will never have my friends list show me as online.


I fail to see how a reminder message is a “slap in the face” (i.e. an insult to you), nor why you would want to have anyone on your friends list if you never reveal yourself to them, but everyone has their preferences.

If you wish to see a change to how the App, and specifically those functions work you’ll want to provide feedback in the appropriate location. Specifically in the Desktop App Feedback Discussion forum.

Now, since this thread was bumped after a year I’m going to lock it.