Latest agent update is somehow worse

As of todays Agent process update, now truly is useless on macOS. Agent just hangs trying to perform any patching, regardless of permissions. I even tried giving it developer tools/root access and it still hangs. Before it was riddled with permission issues, but now it’s just flat broken.

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More testing, it does eventually unhang, but can take up to 30 minutes. it’s still a clear regression, don’t know what Agent.8668 changed but Agent.8656 ran better

If only we could blacklist apps and prevent them from launching. Or be like Steam where a developer could specify a “beta” branch that actually lets you use an older version of the game like Witcher 3 and Stardew Valley do.


it’s mind boggling why is still in such sad shape. it doesn’t even have a valid code signature, which explains why it needs permission hacks to work correctly, cause macOS would be restricting it otherwise.

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Not the agent , for me, but I’m pulling down the latest update at a whopping 6.55 kb/s. I’m afraid it’s going to melt my ethernet cables. Seriously what gives?