Last sub. Class balance is horrible

Quite unbelievable the coming changes don’t mention Death Strike, or Death Knights at all.

No sense playing a game where my class is literally a hindrance.
Back to League of Legends.


Our pets take 20 percent less dmg!

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How are Azir and Orianna?

bad just like our class omegalul


Mages got shafted I guess?

Both stables of pro play despite being pretty awful in Solo Q.

Unlike DKs who are bad in both low mmr and high :slight_smile:


I see they recently released Spanish Arthas

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Yeah spanish anime eboy arthas seems pretty good despite his low winrate. Hard to pilot since you kinda need to know every other champ aswell to make use of his passive.

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Reminds me of Sylas

I did play him a couple of times.