Last patch broke SOM

What’s up with all the new bugs from the last SoM patch?

Mobs in the water ie the turtles in Hillsbrad or the crocodiles in Dustwallow Marsh are all spawned half in the water and half under the earth, when you agro them they swim straight down under the world for 50yards before swimming up another 50 which takes 30seconds plus.

The zeppelins get stuck just before they port over the water.

How does something that isn’t changed in the patch notes get messed up?

How does blizzard ruin things they don’t even touch. It’s not even maddening anymore it’s actually amazing.


Blizz treats SoM as a sandbox to test future plans. I doubt they care much anymore sadly

What have they tested here?

Classic plus I’m guessing.

A similar batch of ruinious changes happened to Classic Era when SoM was implemented, some of which still persist to this day. I hope they can eventually fix them all.


Ooo new toys. Shinies!
That’s what it looks like to me.

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A bit separate, but can any Horde from Era confirm these issues in Era? It might be a whole client issue rather than just SoM since both Seasonal and Era are on the same client.


Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we are aware of the issues with creatures pathing through non-ocean pools of water and are working hard on a fix now. This is a pretty complex issue to fix as it involves modifying the terrain itself in most areas of Azeroth and requires a lot of testing before we can build confidence that our fix didn’t cause other issues. Additionally, the fix will require deployment during a weekly maintenance and at this stage we think it’s pretty unlikely this will be tested and ready for deployment during next week’s Tuesday maintenance. We hope to have more info soon on when we’ll be able to apply this fix.

As for the cases of the mysteriously missing boats and zepplins, we are also working on a fix for this and we hope to have that fix out by sometime early next week.

Thanks for the reports on these issues, and stay tuned for more info!


It’s almost as if it’s all part of a complex computer program that can be affected by even the slightest of changes. Crazy, right?


Yeah that doesn’t make sense with any of the changes.

This patch has been done before and never with this result.

What happens is they make changes without realizing they will affect other systems, and don’t test.

During the Legion pre-patch, zeppelins and boats were disabled. I ended up rolling a mage to help provide transport.

They fixed it, but every later patch it was broken again.


The tech is quite different now.

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Really ? Technology progresses over time?


Imagine being this bad of a dev team


Actually no it has not lol. The build changes each time. This isnt even the same as classic nor the original launch of this patch.

I would love to see the arcane, bloated, duct taped, and not even fully understood by Blizz, bowl of spaghetti that the WoW codebase is. Not even a criticism, that’s how these things are.

I just like the thought of Blizz devs trying to modify some damage calcs or network code and then realizing on patch that they broke the turtles lol

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A minor bug, but still disheartening - My Shaman that I’m leveling in SoM right now I noticed that none of the weapon imbue graphics seem to be showing at all.


Any news on mount sounds not working? TY

That’s also on Era (but not TBCC) and has been that way since the progress to 1.14 and I’ve bugged it in the proper forum but no response.