Largest casual rp guilds on this realm?

Hello! My friend and I are looking to join hopefully the “largest” or one of the bigger rp guilds on this realm. Largest isn’t necessarily the only requirement. More active than anything. There are lots of guilds with 300 members but only two people on at a time. We want something that’s more casual and has fewer responsibilities than those military guilds. We both have jobs and lives outside of wow but still make plenty of time to have fun in pvp and pve conent.

Please let me know what you have!

edit: uhhh excuse the guild name. I just took the first random request for the fast hearth and now it’s stuck even after leaving it.

Try logging out of the forums and back in. It often fixes lingering guild tags.

While there are many guilds that don’t post here, I recommend scanning this forum for guild recruitment threads, and/or this directory thread:

And if you see any that seem to capture the theme you’re after, ask them about their size and activity level.

I hope you find what you’re looking for!