Larger than usual influx on Horde-Heartseeker

I’ve noticed more Horde transferring/leveling new toons on Heartseeker-Horde. Please, keep coming!

Easy ranking to 11 to dominate Dodgeseeker Alliance in wPvP despite at 97-3 disadvantage. What’s not to love? This is the place to be for Horde.


there are “hordes” of horde side players out there in their 20’s and 30’s.

I’m expecting a considerably more balanced server in a few weeks.

Maybe if 2 to 3 thousand alliance leave but for some reason so many Alliance are still transferring here knowing it’s 99% Alliance

Props to brave horde boiz. I see those guys getting camped non stop by 60s in T2. My tendancy is to just do a friendly wave. I wonder how the AQ gates will open up if the rest of the horde leave.

I guess is doesn’t matter because is essentially an alliance guild.

It’s been fun…so far. Let’s see how long I last here.

They are transferring for that reason. Just like how Horde on Skeram and Stalagg Horde don’t leave.

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For AQ Reforged has no other option to open the gates except to work with Alliance. Another guild came here to prevent that, and they’re Horde.

Isn’t Reforged just alliance alts? It feels that way. Seems like a lot of lifting for reforged to do on their own. How are they going to farm? Are we just going to not attack them anymore? It kind of defeats the purpose of a PVP server

You have no idea what you are talking about.

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You must not be familiar with the type of low-calibre trash that plays Alliance Dodgeseeker.

I’m used to being friendly and respectful with my enemies. It’s just game after all. But it’s hard to have even a minutia of respect for more than a handful of Alliance players here.

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I wonder what it’s like to play on a server where the rank 11-14s on Alliance don’t immediately cower the second they see you in wPvP. All those hours put in rolling over for Horde premades only to use the gear for PvE and killing level 35 greys.

(notable exception to Davethechad and maybe one or two other people I’m forgetting)

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Seems like an alliance echo chamber. The only person I kill100% is some mage in Tyrants. He killed me while I was fishing in STV. No more Mister Nice guy

Always a pleasure to see you out in Silithus <3

Darkmoon Faire = Alliance being absolutely terrified of any type of PvP with less than 3 to 1 odds and constantly running away to their zergs, yet still being a constant source of honour farming. I wish it was here always.

Guilds worthy of respect: GAIA, Nether, Feast. That’s it.

Also credit to whoever that 5-man WSG team was that annihilated us. Weedmilk or something.

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i was on that team, ggs.

recently started playing my horde here sorry for letting that warrior kill you at the faire im not 60 yet uwu

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It’s cool, dude. if I cared about dying to Alliance zergswarms I couldn’t play on this server.

DMF pvp is basically: A) Can I burst someone down before they run away to their zerg? or B) How many of these people can I kill before I get overwhelmed? Sometimes it’s C) can I convince a couple of my teammates to stop BG’ing or picking herbs long enough for them to come win a 3 v 5?


There are actually lots of skilled Alliance on HS. Usually it’s some private or corporal I’ve never heard of that surprises me. I lose lots of matches I wouldn’t expect to on paper, and there are people willing to fight without overwhelming odds. It’s usually the ranking gutter-trash like Relm, and powergaming wiener guilds like HotTub, that refuse to dismount and fight with anything less than overwhelming odds. It’s the same mentality that leads sweaty Allliance premades to emote spam when fighting pugs or trademades, but roll over and die instantly for other sweatys.


Wait who are you again?