Large honor loss after week tallying

My weekly honor showed over 52k for the week yesterday before the reset. Now it shows 27k for last week. Did anyone else’s honor magically disappear?

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How much for yesterday?

Does yesterday + last week ~= what you remember (52k).

Ya’ll need to be print screening and saving the data if ya’ll need to start compiling a complaint for Blizz.

I know that’s not what you’re asking, but it seems to be a trend and if people aren’t providing evidence of the issue they won’t do anything about it.

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Straight up, I went from +11k to 6.9k. AND, my rank bar is 100% filled up, wouldn’t even raise me one rank. I just submitted a bug report, because someone should read this and feel my pain!!! D= #immadtho

read the blue posts:
from another thread started 5 min before this one:


This does not add up to the total honor I had.

I also had a large chunk of honor go missing that I had farmed from Thursday-Saturday, which magically appeared last night and is now gone, again.

I am not using any honor addons, so please don’t tell me that is the issue!

Good info.

Do you have link to blue post?

this is the entire thread.

This is inaccurate because HKs are missing, and I have screen shots of it…

If HKs are missing, honor is missing.

Saturday was like 15k, sunday was like 12k, yesterday was like 5k. Prior to that i had another 7kish from the week. Totaling that up it doesn’t add to 52k (seemed higher than i expected, I thought I was at 40k) but my final result is wildly low.

Guess I’m taking some screenshots this week.

unless you think the bug guy is a liar - idk what to tell ya.

Even though I 100% agree with the info. The link does not have Blue confirming any of it. Blue responded 18d ago after first honor update.

good idea

EDIT: I replied to wrong person

It’s not about the blue poster being a liar. It’s about Blizzard not knowing what is actually going on from the players point of view. When I log 200+ HKs in a day, then wake up the following day to see 27, something is wrong. In addition, my life time kill count has been bouncing around in the process (meaning it is going up AND down). This communicates that the system is malfunctioning, not that it is “catching up”

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I was at 48k for the week yesterday and then got 10k last night and ended up with 38k ???

it’s an ongoing issue i presume. it’s funny that a dozen or so posts are made every tuesday asking the same questions about their honor updating.

Maybe they should play their own game, figure out what everyone keeps complaining about and inquiring about, and fix that? JS

a friend of mine jumped up an entire rank and didnt pvp at all lol like what is going on

One thing that makes me think its not a UI issue as this didn’t happen to me at all for the past 2 weeks. It’s been accurate both in display and actual honor rewarding. This week half is straight up gone.

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sounds like hyperbole

I had the same problem. Prior to reset I had about 36,000 honor logged on after reset and I have about 22,000. Im owed some honor back. I don’t care what the problem is if the display was incorrect that’s on you Blizzard you gave me false information therefore and i used that information to determine how much pvping i should do pls give me my honor back.