Lagging (Possible Server Issue)

To whom it may concern, only recently, I’ve been experiencing extensive lagging in-game, not only on this character, but on my entire WoW account, regardless of my in-game location. The frequency seems to be every 1 to 5 minutes, and lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, which occasional disconnections from my account, forcing me to log back in. At first I thought that this is somehow an internet issue on my end, so I checked by running an internet speed test, with the game open, download speed was 50 mbps, so my internet is still running smoothly, and thus I believe I can conclude that this may indeed be an internal server issue on Blizzard’s end.

I’m reporting this issue in hopes that I’m not the only one currently experiencing this issue, and more importantly, I hope this gets fixed soon. Reply to this message if you too are experiencing it, because if this is a server issue, then we need to get Blizzard’s attention on it, which means we will need to have as many people reporting this as possible.

Once again, this is recent, and it begun earlier this week.