Lagging in every Battleground

When I am not in battlegrounds my connection is fine like 40ms home 60 world, but as soon as I enter every battleground for the past 2 days my world ms jumps to 1768 with a 76 home ms, is this happening to anyone else? Is Blizzard aware of this issue?

I have checked my addons by disabling them doing a full reset on the game and my computer, and jumping back in, still lagging, currently at 11k ms world. From the looks of other posters, it looks like this is becomming a common issue.


Been happening to me for the last 48 hours, tried the usual useless Blizzard troubleshooting tips to no avail, and was hoping tonight’s shutdown would solve the issue but nope happening.

Seen quite a few forum posts about it but as usual deathly silent from Blizzard


Even a “were aware of the issue,” would be helpful.

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Bump- having same issue and it’s not on my end. Only happens in instance based content ex arena and bgs. World ms goes very high and you can’t play. Doesn’t happen just standing in a city


I’m having the same problem. The issue seems to be on hop 4 from Blizzard’s Looking Glass:

traceroute to <redacted>, 15 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 (  1.727 ms  3.560 ms  3.567 ms
2 (  2.800 ms  2.816 ms  2.818 ms
3 (  1.610 ms  1.624 ms  1.624 ms
4 (  607.717 ms  607.762 ms  607.768 ms
5  * * *
6 (  6.707 ms  7.629 ms  7.710 ms
7 (  7.571 ms  7.155 ms  7.125 ms
8  * * *
9 (  10.909 ms  10.887 ms  10.818 ms
10  * * *
11 <redacted>  70.213 ms  65.757 ms  65.750 ms
12 <redacted>  74.010 ms  72.147 ms  76.483 ms

Yup game plays fine and has done up until just recently, whenever we try to go into a Battleground/Dungeon our World latency goes through the roof (1000 - 5000) and we are unable to play at all, our home latency stays about 30 - 40. This has happened only in the last few days.

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If that was the origin, every hop after it would also be over 600ms. That test is not a good way to measure lag and is only useful if you can’t login.

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So we shouldn’t use Blizzard’s Looking Glass for measuring anything but login issues?

It does, but without actionable data, how do you expect an MVP to help you figure out what or where the issue might lie?

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For what it’s worth, when I relaunched the app, WoW received an update and my latency is back to normal. It could be a coincidence.

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Happening to me as well


I don’t restate the instructions pinned at the top of the forum because, in theory, they should be reviewed before making posts in this forum. But here’s the link to the specific post:

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If the high world latency returns go ahead and run a WinMTR test and then post those results. WinMTR is generally the best tool to try and diagnose where a connection issue is occurring.

  1. Download WinMTR
  2. Right-click on the downloaded .zip folder and select “Extract All”, to extract the files to a new folder.
  3. Open the new folder that was created, then open the WinMTR_x64 folder.
  4. Right-click on the WinMTR application and select “Run as administrator”.
  5. In the “Host” field type the IP address for the WoW server you’re playing on. WoW test IP addresses can be found on the WinMTR article.
  6. Click on “Start” and then launch the game. Allow the test to run for at least 10 minutes. Click on “Stop” when you’re done playing after you have experienced the latency or connection issue.
  7. Click on “Copy Text to Clipboard”, paste the results here, then highlight everything and hit the </> button in the posting section so it will allow links.

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