Lagged out

I come home after work to play and it is too laggy to play. Looting, interacting with NPCs, spells, everything. Everyone in my guild is also complaining.
The twitch streamers do not seem to have any issues. I understand Bliz and twitch are in bed right now and are giving streamers priority. This is ridiculous.

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The vast majority of the playerbase do not have issues, never mind any twitch stream preference narrative that’s been overdone to bits.

You might check into posting in Tech Support to see if there’s any interruption along your specific route to connect to Blizzard’s servers that might be giving you some grief.


The one I watched earlier today had problems staying logged it.

Blizzard isn’t giving streamers priority. What’s ridiculous is players trying to use them as an argument. The streamers have the same issues as other players, especially if they are on high-pop servers. How is it possible for Blizzard to give streamers smooth gameplay but make it laggy for everyone else? They are playing on the same server hardware as everyone else.


Having the same issues, Area 52 server. As it was before server reset last night.