Lag When I Try To Play

Hello, I’m having trouble with lag when I try to play and I’m not sure why. Even when I have nothing else running it still lags horribly. To the point where I can’t even cast a spell. This is a new problem that just started yesterday, before then the game ran smoothly. I’ve updated all my drivers so I don’t know what could be causing the issue. Please help!

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I have a similar problem. Game runs fine most areas. Some areas like Elysian Hold in Bastion just cause my game to tank and lags my whole PC as well. I wish I had an answer but I havent found one yet either

You didn’t provide any diagnostic info for anyone to help.

Hell with the lag how about the crash to my whole system when the freakin dune bosses come out. I have a decent system. Yet Holy whatever the heck. I havent experienced a crash like that ever. Not only did it crash my whole system it made my system appear completely offline. How does that happen on a hardlined system? Seriously Blizzard that is insane.

Post a dxdiag so that we can diagnose the issue then.

Yeah because its always the player’s fault. Why would it ever be Blizzards fault on anything? It is not my system. My system was working perfectly fine on every fight up to that point. Nice try on that.

Well, why did you post asking for assistance if you refuse to give any of the information needed to diagnose what the possible problem could be?


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