Lag in the Azure Span

There is clearly something wrong with the Azure Span that’s causing that zone to lag horribly, while other 3 Dragonflight zones are fine. This has been going on for about 3 days straight now on Zul’Jin-US, but I’ve heard its not unique to this server.

Its noticeable worse during peak hours, so I suspect it has something to do with the number of players. It has all the characteristics of heavy server latency (slow calls back to the server for things like looting, etc).

I’m no engineer but, my suspicion is that its a result of the Cobalt Assembly and the Anima powers in that region. Because that rep offers a 382 ring, tons of players are grinding rep there and interacting with those anima power orbs. Are they hammering the server some how? Could also have something to do with the Soup Event, but the lag continues even when the event isn’t up.

Its bad enough that Im purposely avoiding that zone until its fixed. I’ve finished every side quest on all 3 of the other zones, but still waiting to go back to the Azure Span.

Hopefully we could get some communication on whats going on in this zone, and what to expect in terms of a fix?


Cobalt farm and Feasts thats the issue

I think its the sheer numbers from someone doing 5 mil damage with the arcane buffs in PvP or against the mobs

OK. It definitely seems related to the soup event. Soup event just started on my server and the entire zone starting lagging horribly. A few minutes after it ended, the lag was reduced significantly again.

Reporting the same issue as well over on the realm Area 52. Except the lag has been persisting even without the Community Soup Event happening in the zone.

Went to other zones in the Dragon Isles and this issue went away upon leaving The Azure Span zone. The lag makes it really hard to do quests that are up in that particular area.

Edit: It looks like Blizzard is aware of this issue and working on a fix.


Fighting people at the PvP WQs is like playing in vanilla during the dial up era. Love the throw back but it seems to make entire shards dead.


Hello everyone.

We recently made some adjustments to the Community Feast that was contributing to lag in the Azure Span slowly over time after each feast as servers were up for a few days. How has your experience in the Azure Span been recently?

These fixes should have improved the performance in the zone since the feast was the main culprit, but we’ll continue to keep a close eye out for any other sources of lag that may appear.


Night and day difference for me. Sometimes I get a bit of lag at the feast itself, but outside of that the zone is fine.