Lag in Admirassil Raid?

Anyone else experiencing random lag issues only while in Admirdrassil raid? Like my home latency is around 30-40ms, get in raid and it starts out normal during boss fights then randomly shoots up to 400-3k (world ms) sometimes… it’s only in raid and LFR. I know my CPU can handle it on max settings because I’m been raiding on max settings every other tier. I’ve turned down raid settings to 4, it doesn’t matter if it’s on 4 or 10 it performs the same…just random lag spikes… anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Late to the party but I have tried joining three different LFR’s now and my world latency shoots up to 3000ms where my home is around 40-50.

Mine does it in LFR, Normal, dont matter. Every Admirdrassil instance it shoots up like crazy? Blizz fix your game?

I’m experiencing this right now.

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