Lack of Communication

Realz has been quite active in the rogue discord, just different avenue of communication really.


Rogue’s time will come. Be patient.

But until then keep offering feedback!

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Nailed it!
The developer on Rogue has been doing a banger of a job with DH which was being crunched on.

Considering they main Mut/Sub, I’d expect them to be now focused on competing the trees in Rogue.


Hasn’t actually said anything on rogue changes in over a month…

He did talk a lot before that but it’s been nothing since.

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Hope so… Time for testing is shrinking like some male body part on a cold day.

I agree.

Great to see Realz (the Rogue developer) is now focusing on the Rogue tree again:


It would be great if he actually tried to do a decent job instead of giving us a new talent copied from Windwalker’s trash mastery…

Eh yeah. Nice peace offering that danse macabre thing is just terrible design to be honest dont know what they thinking

I was thinking that also, and while it is underwhelming, work is being done on Rogue now the crunch on DH is completed.

I’d expect more communication over the coming weeks.

What was the general consensus of Shadow Mist (which it’s replacing)?

Well it was pretty much the same as Echoing Reprimand, so i think few people liked it…

Work is being done, yes, but that doesn’t mean it will be a good job. And from what we’ve seen until now, i really can’t be optimistic.
I’d be really surprised if I don’t end up disappointed (again)…

Yeah, can definitely understand that. Being the Dev team has less to work on in comparison to SL’s systems, I’m hoping we get something awesome in regards to Rogue.

Best we can do is voice our feedback, and if it’s bad on release, so be it.

The lines of communication are open again now the crunch on DH is over, and Realz can now focus on Rogue. I just hope he doesn’t munt it up.

He has less to do than compared to the transition from BfA to SL but it really doesn’t mean that it will be well done.
And he has less to do only if he sticks to what Rogue is at the moment. Which is not a good thing for the Subtlety spec…

I don’t think feedbacks will ever be heard, the blue post we recently had is the usual Blizzard’s Bullsh*t “ok we understood you and will do all we can to satisfy the player”.
And if it’s bad on release (and I’m pretty sure it will be), then it will only be 1 more disappointment from Blizzard in the far too long list of bad things they’ve done over the years…

At this stage, should we really expect DF to be any different? If it’s good, I’ll play. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was disappointing.

Lets test out the new changes and then offer feedback.

Step 1 is to clean up the trees with the superfluous clutter (energy talents). Step 2 is to make the trees flow better and reduce some of the three point talents to two point or one point talents.

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You mean the talent that no one ever got to test at all because it’s never worked?

One of the big issues for rogues has been that it’s literally been untestable since it came out since its been left untouched so long hopefully they can work hard and get something going but. Months of alpha/beta more or less wasted which I think is the main issue even now because things have to be more rushed and less iteration.

Just as another example deathmark replace vendetta since day 1 dragonflight, but has never worked ever so there’s not really been any feedback and no iteration.

The insane thing on all this is that 99% of talents that don’t work right now never have at any point this is months wasted while other classes get iteration after iteration after iteration.


Yeah, that’s how NYI works.

It was a question asking the general consensus of the talent. Kind of like how we have an opinion for the Windwalker wannabe talent without actual having it implemented yet.

You know the circumstances of the crunch Realz had on DH before getting a chance to focus on Rogue again, and it’s out of your direct control (with the exception of offering feedback).

I have skin in the game too, and while the timeline is getting tighter, there are less systems to consider in comparison to past expansions.

As said above, if they munt it up, it will be disappointing (again). Though I’m not popping an aneurysm because a developer won’t talk to me.

I could careless if they say anything if they are actually making changes that are good, fixing things, etc. No other class has been left broken and untestable for months you don’t think other dev’s work on more than one thing?

I’m not saying this guy is just terrible it feels more like blizzard has no one helping him at all as when he did something else everything stopped completely. And given this didn’t happen anywhere else it seems everyone else did have help. Which kind adds to the whole thing everyone always has said which is no one there wants to work on rogues. Which was kind of a joke but seems is close to reality.

Which makes sense given how many beta’s have been like this for rogues.
Looking at the dh tree in one way gives me hope but at the same time makes me confused given they were made by the same guy.

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DH trees had not even existed until late due to circumstances we are unaware of. While we had a tree with potential, it was largely unfinished.

DH comes out, and with some changes, looks amazing.

Realz had now returned to focus on Rogue after a banger job on DH. While we can (and do) give solid feedback on it’s design, the circumstances are out of our control.

I think the issue is he is still working on both and doesn’t have the time to full redo the trees to make them like what he did with dh. So as always rogues will get many bandaids. We can hope for the best but we know how that has gone for many betas.

The fact that he made zero new connections on the tree he posted lowers hope.

Woot woot Sooting Darkness back. Sad it doesnt affect stealth tough. I feel that without healing on Stealth it kinda miss it mark.

Also I really want deadly poison over Shiv :sob: