La Pandara de Guildo

Hey I rolled the second greatest race/class combo on the only faction to play.
It’s my quarantine boost.
I’ll be frequenting it… frequently, and I was wondering if there were any active, Pandaren-centric (or monk-centric?? is that a thing??) roleplay or even social guilds on here.
Just looking for a few names to google, or a PoC to ask about.

Thanks all and stay safe!

Right behind Pandaren shaman, I presume. :wink:

In all seriousness, I highly recommend checking out this amazing thread here (Wyrmrest Accord’s first and only sticky thus far!): WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events)

That should prove a great resource in finding a guild, community, and event which you feel best suits yours character and style.

Now! As a bit of self-promotion, here’s a thread to our own little guild – Kui Zhang! We might be a bit “niche” for some Pandaren, but we bear a heavy emphasis on organic integration, lore-adherence, and a strong, respectable community. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to check out our thread:

… Or simply whisper one of our members or myself in-game!

Other than that, I can guarantee you’ll find a great spot in no time. Don’t be afraid to ask GMs about dropping in on an event or two to participate/spectate without actually being recruited.


Fool. Right behind Blood Elf Hunter.

Glory to the mofo sunwell baby.

EDIT: And thank you so much for the info!!

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Yeets Legolas from Mount Neverest.

Times change…

(And no prob! Best of luck, reach out anytime! Pandaren are my passion, so I’m always down to help, collaborate, etc.)


Its funny like, i started playing wow for the first time ever in Legion, and im making a character and its like… K i can make Legolas AND Po from Kung Fu Panda why isnt everyone only these two lol.

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A bit more self-promotion re Pandaren contacts:

Twice a month Quilen & Cloud Teahouse opens its doors as a public RP spot for socializing IC. It’s for all races/classes & is non-aligned (factions aren’t a barrier to attendance). Because it’s run by Pandaren, located in Pandaria, and offers Pandaren style cuisine & ambience, there are quite a few Pandaren regulars. You will find members of Kui Zhang hanging out, as well as most of the other Pandaren guilds and communities. Our next public session is tomorrow, 7 PM server. Details here : Quilen & Cloud Teahouse Open In Sri-La!


Wonderful! thank you so much for touching base. Ill look into that as well!

You didn’t mention if you are new to WoW RP in general. Lotsa great people here on the forums & at open events like the teahouse as well, if you need help or have questions.


First played in legion. I remember Val Sharah and TARANADE! MALFURION! and thinking man these people need a freaking marriage counselor. Arrived a second time very recently, on the correct faction.