Kyrian & Venthyr Legendary Buffs

  • Kyrian: Now 3s reduction per stack, max 80 (was 2 and 60)
  • Venthyr: Now 5% Crit per second remaining (was 3%)

Edit: They backtracked on part of the Kyrian reduction. It’s still a 1 min CD in M+ trash pulls but this removes the ability to guarantee it being available for every SS in a raid.

Whoever is in charge of Priest stuff needs some sense knocked into them; Kyrian is going to be bonkers. Why would you balance an ability around being a 3min CD and then let people reduce it down to 40s? M+ groups are only going to accept Disc priests who are Kyrian because being able to output so much damage while making your party virtually unkillable for 10s out of every 40s is so far above what other Covenent/Leggo combos are capable of.

Venthyr still looks meh. It could see some
use in PvP though since Priests in general don’t have many useful legendary options there. Still useless for PvE Disc because the buff comes after you’ve burnt your hardest hitting abilities. For Shadow it’s supposed to sim close to SFP, but only for ST and only if you’re consistently getting nearly the max buff so you may as well stay SFP.

Grumbles in disgruntled Venthyr Priest

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Kyrian one looks pretty memes now. Also, there’s no more pridefuls anymore so you don’t need to worry about them and it makes things easier for healers in general.

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Kyrian was already good for Disc, dunno why it needed a buff. And yes, it’s pretty insane in an M+ environment where the AoE damage is very valuable. I think they were trying to target raid. Venthyr is just bad and the change won’t make it any better.


I think Venthyr will be a go for Shadow Priest the crit buff if u place your spell well can give u lots of crit for 10sec (5spell + 2 Covenant buff + 3 Leg = 10sec total) So if u place your spell well u can get 50% crit for 10sec

Kyrian was already killing mind games. They are over on the priest discord joking around about how it’s the last thing on the planet that needs buffed.

As a holy priest, I welcome the change to the legendary. I was actually planning on experimenting with Forgelite Prime Mikanikos soulbind and the Kyrian Legendary to see how well you can turn Boon of the Ascended into a raid CD.

rubs hands eeexcellent.

I got Mikanikos ready to go. Now I’m guaranteed to have Boon up for every SS, even if a pull is only single target. 57 renown can’t get here fast enough. Might be worth running Mindbender now for more atonement healing in between.

It’s competitive for single target IF you’re landing the spell right but SFP does just as well on ST and has AoE applications too.

I’d be hard pressed to give up shadowflame prism being BIS for both single target and AOE. Right now 1 leggo takes care of all situations without having to swap gear or make multiple leggos.

Its just too convenient, even though emo vampire people fit shadow priest better than fairy dream lords.


They just posted an update. They removed the 80s reduction part, now it’s 3s per stack max 60.

Yeah I saw but I didnt saw the 60 max part. It kinda sounded like there was no max. I hope its just bad writing. annd it still 60 sec max

It’s definitely still 60 max. That was part of the original text and the edited notes don’t modify that.

Well i guess its a Wowhead typo. Cause they kept the 3 stack but deleted the 80 and 60sec part

Talk about a tease.

It’s not a typo. The original description for the ability said it had a 60s cap. The new text without the strikethrough portion only describes modifying the per stack CDR so there is nothing to imply that the cap was changed or removed. Removing a change to an existing mechanic doesn’t mean you removed the mechanic itself.

If you use this, SS/evangelism have effective 2m CD. That wil be an overtuned leggo for meme damage in m+. Useless in raids

im confused so did spheres already get nerfed?

it still went from 2 seconds to 3 seconds reduction per stack. So instead of needing 30 stacks (impossible baseline) you only need 20 stacks which is very doable. 3 Ascended blasts is 15 stacks, only need 5 ascended novas as filler to achieve the 1 min CD on single target.

mikankos talent

Requires more than 1 target