Kyrian Orc Warrior Tmog?

Hey warriors, I need some advice on how to mog out my kyrian Orc. I keep trying to make the traditional kyrian look work on him, but as he is an orc it feels like there is an inherent conflict of style. How do you guys mog your orc kyrians?

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Orc is in a way out of place in terms of the Kyrian/Bastion aesthetics. There are some things you can use, but I can’t think of what would work right away.

When I played Kyrian I used the Legion S1/S2 elite PvP mog which I thought fit thematically, the Kyrian weapon enchant looks good with it. I haven’t mogged it yet, but I’ve been meaning to see how the Aegis of Aggramar looks with it from the current Timewalking vendor.

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I didn’t… used my basic grunt shorts / top combined with the warfront T3 shoulders, gloves, belt and boots. Showing as much green as possible!

The white set made me feel I was wearing an all white suit / tux in a music video.

Some things are simply not meant to be.

It’s not much, but I like my mog. Orc warrior ftw.

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