Kyrian lego for Arms warrior

Someone please test out the kryain lego!!!

after 100 games i noticed that my crit chance has not gone up while the spear is down. My crit is normally 19% so when the spear is down i should get 44% of the time right?

I ran a test where i would lay the spear and while its down i would use as many abilities as possible and see how many times i crit. i have tested this out 20+ times now, and everytime i put the spear down and do damage the most i crit was 26% of the time, and the date i use is just from when the spear is down. i am just confused why i am not critting 44% of the time. when i lay the spear down i bladestorm, 5 hits of deep wounds, 10 hits for the spear, 3 hits of melee, and one overpower with a dreadnaught hit.

The legendary increases you crit damage not your crit chance.

Dude, did you read the tooltip?


In addition you have to remain in the spear’s tether area as well to gain the benefit.