Kyrian Arcane questions

Hi all,

Just rolled Kyrian Arcane a few days ago and I’m enjoying it so far.

One question: The “arcane blast + explosion” at the end of a burn phase … is it as simple as casting Arcane Blast and then Explosion right at the end of the cast?"

I know Fire used to have a similar casting pair but it’s been a while since I’ve played fire so I may just be out of practice but I don’t seem to be hitting it every time.

Also, WoWhead and the Googledoc on Mage Discord have completely different AoE/multi-target rotations. Does anyone know which is correct?

Thanks in advance

I think u mean arcane barrage at the end. Yes, it’s as simple as that but spam it since the barrage needs to be queued in order to get the radiant spark buff. The timing window isn’t that tight but because it’s of critical importance that it gets the buff you should just spam barrage toward the end of your last arcane blast.

Regarding AoE, not sure what each says but roughly speaking…

4 or more targets with cooldowns its:

(AP or RoP) - RS - ToTM- AE - AE - Barrage - Orb - AB+Barrage

That last AB isn’t all that important (imo) and I think at like 7-8-9?+ or around there you’re supposed not do that last AB. Without cooldowns it’s as simple as AE until 4 charges then dump with barrage. When you get clearcasting you fire missiles. At 7+ targets you ditch the missiles. This is assuming you are running harmony.

AP - Arcane Power
RoP - Rune of Power
RS - Radiant Spark
ToTM - Touch of the Magi
AE - Arcane Explosion
AB - Arcane Blast

EDIT: after thinking about it a bit that last AB in the AOE rotation probably is worth quite a bit of damage. It’s an 80% AB buffed from RS and 35% from magi…though situationally I could see some circumstances where you might want to skip the AB beyond a high mob number.

Thanks for replying!

Can you spam Barrage while AB is casting?

I think I see where my confusion is coming from now. WoWhead lists a different rotation when there’s a priority target. I was using it for all AoE fights regardless of which mobs were in it. It lists the rotation you described for general AoE. I missed it.

You can spam it at the beginning of the cast but then you’re just tiring your fingers for no reason. I’d wait till AB is at least 60% finished before bothering to spam.

Depends on your SQW.

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Update: Holy CRAP that was one painful raid night.

I get the basic rotation for the burns but the time between them was a FAIL leading to many, many screw ups.

Making sure you have 18 stacks, controlling movement, remembering NOT to Barrage (I’m an old-school arcane mage so it was reflexive), the “filler” periods where you’re keeping your 18 stacks but running out of mana cause you’re spamming Blast or Missiles …

… it was not fun. Definitely going to have to stick with frost for prog nights and keep playing with arcane on alt and farm nights.

Try Arcanic Cull legendary. I think it’s less convoluted and does crazy execute damage potential.