Kwint (not so bad down here) all aquatics

Take special note that you only need to do 15/19 for the BFA class specific achievements, so you can skip four. For Aquatics I skipped Kwint, Lozu, Korval, and Talia.

Aquatics, along with Critters I found to be the two hardest for me.

For Critters I skipped Kwint, Lozu, Zujal, and Grady


ok thanks for the answres i didnt see that it was only 15 / 19 needed however noth having a checkmark by all of them is going to drive my complionist self nuts.

I seriously bet this one isnt possible with aquatic or undead. If ne1 does beat it please post the how to.

You just gave me another idea.

We have a mechanical axebeak, which is a flying pet with some mechanical attacks, why can’t we have a mechanical shark that is an aquatic pet?

I was thinking about an undead pet with mechanical attacks. That would be harder to create lore around, since mechanical pets aren’t technically alive, they cannot become undead.

But what about a cyborg that died, and was raised as undead? He could have mechanical attacks and undead attacks.

I did do Kwint with all Undead, though I don’t recall exactly what team I did it with. I probably used at least one blighthawk, and a Son of Sethe, though after doing 150 pet battles you forget some of the details.

Edit: just beat him all undead with a Blightbreath, Blighthawk, and Graves.

The Undead battle with Son of Sethe, Blighthawk, Blightbreath is where I was forced to give up out of frustration. I suspect I didn’t have the right breeds.

For me as undead, I started with Blightbreath and spammed his Toxic Smoke. With the Blighthawk, consume corpse, and Slicing wind. I ended up using Graves for my third pet, but almost any strong neutral pet can work in the third slot, Not sure son of seethe is so strong after all. The big thing with the third pet is RNG of having him use his blood in the water early before he puts his bleed on you.

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I’ve found an Aquatic team that will beat Kwint consistently.

Inky (Tentacle Slap/Blinding Poison/Dive)
Hermit Crab (Pinch/Bubble/Dive)
Ghostshell Crab (Spirit Claws/Bubble/Spirit Spikes)

Start with Inky, use Tentacle Slap 3 times, then Blinding Poison which will cause the Megalodon on either turn 4 or 5 to miss. Tentacle Slap, Dive, Chum kills it.

Bring in the Hermit Crab. Use Dive if Chum isn’t low enough to finish with Pinch which will usually be the case. Restart on the rare occasion that Dive doesn’t do the job.

Spam Pinch on Bruce, pass turn on Bash. The Hermit Crab will just barely kill him barring crits or all Deep Bites with no Carpnado in which case pop Bubble to survive. Ideally you’ll want to save Bubble for Maws Jr to get an extra hit in.

Maws Jr is RNG city. Bubble and Dive should allow the Hermit Crab at least two turns of damage before being eaten, ideally not by Ravage.

Pop the Ghostshell Crab’s Spirit Spikes, attack Maws Jr with Spirit Claws. Pop Bubble if Blood in the Water is off of cooldown. This should allow you to use Spirit Spikes again and finish him off.

You can substitute the Ghostshell Crab for anything that can beat Maws Jr one on one, although I haven’t found anything that doesn’t depend on Rain Dance crits and Blood in the Water misses. A second Hermit Crab might work.


Oh, my God. This really worked well. I even missed with Spirit Claws twice. And for some reason, Spirit Spikes missed. But Bubble gave me the two extra shots I needed (one he had a bleed on me) to finish him off.

Thanks very much. You’re amazing!

Borrowing your theme, I just came up with a strat for Undead that seems to work every time I’ve tested it.

It turns out, there is one Undead pet that also has Blinding Poison.

Spectral Spinner: Bone Bite, Blinding Poison, Spectral Strike
Blighthawk: Slicing Wind, Consume Corpse, Lift-Off
Fragment of Anger: Spiritfire Bolt, Enrage, Soulrush

Bonebite x 3, Blinding Poison, Spectral Strike, Bonebite (The last Bonebite may happen during the Immortal Round.) If he’s still able, Bite, Blind and Spectral Strike Bruce
Blighthawk Use Slicing Wind, and if Bruce uses Bash, just Pass and Consume Corpse. Lift-Off if the next attack kills you.
I still had plenty of time to work on Maws Jr. with Blighthawk, thanks to Consume Corpse.
So, when I brought in Fragment of Anger, it was Enrage, Soulrush and Spiritfire Bolt. Done.


Thanks! The Ghostshell has just the right mix of defense and offense to get the job done for sure, all the while being several points faster.

I refuse to admit that there’s a trainer out there I can’t beat with all of one family without reliance on some major RNG.

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Nice work! I did have some RNG issues using the Fragment of Anger and switched to a Cursed Birman instead for Spirit Spikes, Prowl, and Pounce, but it’s solid.

Preventing the teamwide Megalodon is definitely the meal ticket. The sharks hit hard enough without a 1k+ AoE!

I’ll revise with a Cursed Birman, then. I don’t have this pet, but for those who are having trouble with the Elemental aspect of this quest, Nightshade Sproutling is the only Elemental Pet with Blinding Poison.

Addendum: For some reason, I’m not having good luck with Cursed Birman. He gets the job done, even if it’s during the Immortal Round, which means he still wins. But for some reason, Spirit Spikes aren’t doing so well.

Another Addendum: Cursed Birman is also very effective against Chum. I’ve used him three times now. Using Spirit Spikes, Prowl and Pounce x2 and he will kill Chum before he even gets the chance to use Megalodon.

Did not even think about using it to smash Chum, and I’m always eager to devastate slower pets with Prowl buffed spikes.

For undead I like the spectral spider. Then the toxic fat dude (sorry cant think of the right name) and lastly blighthawk

I actually haven’t found the Nightshade Sproutling all that helpful for this fight because Bruce is an even bigger problem for elementals than Chum. I’ve found it better to use the Amalgam of Destruction to stun and backline the dotted Chum with Elementium Bolt. Bruce swaps right into Immolate and Volcano rendering himself half dead before he’s even begun to ramp up.

The only problem is that backlining Chum causes him to immediately cast Megalodon later, so you’d need to manage him with crowd control throughout. Because you’d also need good damage to burst down Bruce quickly before the ramp up becomes ridiculous, the Nightshade Sproutling couldn’t be active when Chum comes back in.

I’ve had the best results using Amalgam of Destruction, Zephyrian Prince, and H/S Tiny Twister. Prince finishes Bruce quickly with flying damage, keeps Chum swapped out, and hits Maws Jr with Call Lightning. Twister stuns Maws Jr bringing Chum in for the kill. Then just hit Maws Jr with a buffed Call Lightning and pray that the Twister doesn’t get one shotted by Blood in the Water before the killing blow.

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When I use him in PvP, I rename him, “Your Mom.”

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I’m not sure how managing this, but I’ve been trying it, and it doesn’t even come remotely close to being useful, much less winning. The problem I have is that Bruce is always going first.

I thought I could use Paradox Spirit would slow him down, but I’m being forced to concede that there is no elemental team that has even a tiny chance of winning this.

If you’re going for the achievement, do what ^ the others suggest.

If you’re just needing a win for a daily quest, I always use level 1 pets that are ^ up arrow green versus Kwint’s pets. A couple of his pets will cast their only ability which has a multiple round cool down, then just sit there waiting for the next CD. A green arrow level one whittles down his first and second pet and only takes nominal damage, then you have two more pets to finish off his third pet which actually does damage every round.

Like I said, this is a strategy I use if I just want to do his daily world quest for pet tokens or battle stones, I haven’t bothered with the new achievement (yet).

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Blightbreath. The almost tanky breed. Swap in the third pet, and watch him shrug off that blood in the water like he would your mom :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very strange. Aside from a couple games when Bruce never used Carpnado and only attacked with Deep Bite I’ve had no problem killing him barring crits. After bearing the full brunt of the Amalgam’s assault two Wild Winds are enough to kill him, and the Prince has just barely enough health to survive 3 Deep Bites and a Carpnado. Bruce going first shouldn’t be an issue, he just has to be dead by his third ramp up.

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Frankly, it’s very hard to believe this is even possible.

Open with Amalgam of Destruction, cast Elementium Bolt. Chum strikes first because Amalgam is among the slowest pets out there.

You have no other options than Elementium Bolt, because Chum will destroy you effortlessly in three to four hits. He doesn’t even need Megalodon.

Next turn Immolate, to hit Chum with four turns of damage.

Next turn Volcano, so Bruce will be get the most hits from it when it comes in.

Elementium Bolt strikes, Chum is stunned, and the next hit Amalgam takes will be his last. Chum owned him.

Bruce comes in; you will get one attack and one attack only: Immolate, which is the only attack you have that isn’t on CD.

Bruce now has Immolate and Volcano on him. And the best you can hope for is that Bruce opens with Bash, because if he doesn’t, he’ll use it on the Prince.

I’m guessing you’re using Wild Winds on the Prince and the Tiny Twister, because Slicing Wind is too unreliable.