Kwee Q. Peddlefeet still in game?

If only you gave responses like this to actual game issues


It’s proof that staff are reading the forums. Don’t shoot the messenger.


I never thought about this before, but – do Blizzard employees get incredibly nostalgic when discovering things like this in the vanilla codebase?

Your response betrays a certain excitement at the discovery haha.


Neat history lesson. Can we get the peddlefeet pet that caused earthquakes when you spam summoned him?

I used to laugh cause I’d sit in a shop in IF and spam him, and chat would light up with chatter about earthquakes and the apocalypse.

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Do Blizzard employees get “classic nostalgia” when discovering things like this in the codebase?

Your story time about the discovery betrays a certain excitement haha.


There’s also (for me at least), a very strange sensation when the facts uncovered contradict my clearly faulty memories.


Lighten up, Francis.



We get an in depth (and interesting in my opinion) answer to a genuine concern some players had and the first two responses are complaints. Seriously, how do you guys even manage to drag yourselves out of bed in the morning?


Yeah, I liked the story. Not everything has to be about fixing the critical things of the day as determined by the forums.

They just banned 70k bots, actively reply to forums, just posted this…

I’m all for giving blizzard a hard time about their BS, but s t f u


Can you tell us which nostalgic employee decided that an April Fools joke was to be revived and implemented as an actual patch (the 30 instance per day limit)?


Which patch in vanilla was the one that introduced the 30 instance cap? Wait… that wasn’t in vanilla but was a ham fisted change made by modern wow dev’s that fixes nothing and inconveniences legit players more than bots? Well thanks guys… Good thing yall are trying so hard to keep things authentic…


I don’t like the change either but don’t let it ruin your day.

Love it, what a fun thing to dig into and find out what was really going on back then. Thanks for that fun story!

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how hilariously depressing that THIS is the kind of thread that gets a blue repsonse.


wow 70k bot over six months so much better then chinas weekly 120k bans

Is this going to allow the opposite faction to grief him by killing him immediately on the 16th to prevent the enemy faction from utilizing the buff for the extra week? Or is he immune from factional combat? What about things like infernal?

What makes you think that that 100k+ was weekly? lol. It isn’t.

Lol educating people on the history of this game. Yet you forgot your latest change was an April fools joke from 2006.

Then again those who refuse to learn history ultimately repeat it.

Based off results.

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Love story time Kai sorry I was mean to you last week. :heart:

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