Kurinnax Community Discord

Kurinnaxx Community Discord (started this afternoon!) is up and running.

Chat with members of this server, find a group, advertise your guild, or share awesome resources! We are open to both horde and alliance as this is supposed to be a place where anyone can find anything.

Come join us! discord.gg/KZBFKJe


Letting you know the discord invite expired.

Thank you for letting me know! I updated it with a link that doesnt expire.

We’re up to 800 members and listed on the Wowhead list of Classic Discord servers.

Dont bother with this Disc its run by a bunch of PC allies who ban Horde for trolling kids in chat.

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theirs currently 240 alliance and 310 horde using the server?

Hey I just wanted to apologize to whoever runs the discord server. I posted a screen shot of my pug beating a Kurinnax premade, it was meant as a friendly sort jab, but I can understand if it came off as toxic. Anyway I was surprised I was banned over it, I hope this apology can help smooth things over a bit. I had fun, GGs!