Kul Tiras Unlock

I got lost midway through the quest line.
warcraft.blizzplanet com/blog/comments/allied-race-kul-tiran-questline-videos

Luckily had the full list so I could complete it all without having to guess which quest it was.

Everywhere else wanted me to watch a video.

All I needed was the list of quests. Now my alt can pick up with “this lumber is haunted” and I can finish that goal.

There’s an addon called BtWQuests that has info and lists for all major questlines and achievements. It can be handy for chasing up some of the more obscure objectives for alts. And no videos required :smiley:


Import your character
Click the Pin in the upper right corner
Then go here.
You’ll notice that the quest links will have a popup and when you hover over them, you’ll see an indicator that shows if its complete or not.


Thank you. I’ve got the unlock now!