Kul Tirans are TOO TALL!


Remember how the Zandalari felt odd in the Beta because they were too short? Well, the Kul Tirans are the opposite. They are too tall. The male Kul Tirans are taller than Draenei and Night Elves. They also tower over Orcs which is a break from the games canon as all Humans are supposed to be smaller than Orcs. The height could use a 15% to 20% nerf.


They have Drust blood in them, while not all with Drust blood are of the same body type all of the ones the player uses are considering they can be druids.

If you talk to that surviving Drust Druid he tells you that some of the Drust lived with the Humans and that some descends receive the call of the wild and come to become druids or w/e.

From a game point of view, tall races have problems with doors and camera angles. The camera view is best for Dwarves as it’s not too low or too high like for the other races, plus I’m sure they get stuck less often on a few mounts like my Human…

(Mortekai) #3

I like it. The Alliance has another bruiser race


Not tall ENOUGH, Richmon!


They would still be bruisers and large as orcs with a 15% height nerf

(Zinj) #6

I like them being really large. It’s what was advertised to us when they were announced and I will like it

(Worgon) #7

If anything the real problem is that Orcs in game are way too small for what the lore says they should be.

(Maelfarion) #8

The bigger the better. Orcs should be taller.

(Dremall) #9

Don’t nerf Kul Tirans’ height. Buff the Orcs’ height.


So you like that regular Humans are like half the height of Kul Tirans? It doesnt feel weird to you that male Humans don’t even reach female Kul Tirans shoulders?

I’m sorry, anyone who likes Kul Tirans height don’t care a lick about the games lore or they don’t know it. For people like me who’ve followed the lore since WC2, this is incredibly immersion breaking. Might as well add Protoss into the game while you’re at it.

(Lacryma) #11

As I said in the thread about Zandalari being too tall.

They are fine as is. Stop trying to change things for the sake of change or you’ll have short squat midgets that might as well be called Dwarves. They should be big. They have Vry’kul and Drust blood.


Change things for the sake of change?!?! You really don’t know the lore evidently. Kul Tirans even having Drust blood is a complete retcon of the lore in the first place. Note that every single Kul Tiran in lore everywhere before BFA was a regular-sized human. In Theramore, in the Broken Isles, in Durotar, in WC3, and even in the Jaina “Daughter of the Sea” cinematic. There were no large Kul Tirans ANYWHERE. OK. Whatever. That’s fine. But you upend the lore of Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 when you have humans fighting Orcs who are larger than Orcs. I’m not asking for them to be cut in half, I’m asking for a modest decrease in height to have them make sense in regards to the story. 10%-15% shrinking =/= to making them a dwarf

(Svenska) #13

I like having a tall race that isn’t built like a refrigerator.

(Lacryma) #14

Sort of like arguing for the sake of arguing on a internet forum I reckon.

I think they are fine as they are. We disagree. Welcome to the real world where everyone has an opinion. But really claiming it to be upending lore? That’s novel. I would counter with this. How do we know their size?

For all we know the Kul’Tirans were erm… on their ships in the Second War.

All we know is that those ships sink marvelously under Red Dragon flames. >:)


So its just a coincidence none of the BIG BOIS crashed in the Broken Isles, that none of them were in Durotar, or that it wasn’t explained to anyway during WC2 or WC3 that there were different sized Kul Tirans? Come on…

I get the retconning. I’m even saying I’m fine with it. They just need to make it believable to Lore fans like myself. I get that people who don’t care about the lore aren’t going to care, but it makes a bigger different to Lore fans than non-Lore fans. These are the kind of discrepancies that make people like me quit the game tbh. Why should I care about the lore anymore if they want to upending it and not make it believable?

(Zinj) #16

Adhering to your description of what they should be would leave us with no Kul Tiran’s at all. They’d just be human.

You can play that now. Make a human and say you’re Kul Titan. Problem solved.

This is like a high elf argument where the only difference is eye color but for some people it’s the end of the world.


Having them slightly smaller than Draenei and slightly shorter than Night Elves completely ruins them you are arguing? Them being slightly closer to Human height just makes them not Kul Tirans? If so that’s ridiculous.

(Arlifrex) #18

Burly humans didn’t exist when Orcs were made.

(Airc) #19

The only playable Kul Tirans are the half-Drust (which were a type of Vry’kul). That’s why they’re so big.


You seem to be missing the point. Kul Tirans even being larger never existed pre-BFA in the Warcraft universe. Having ANY Humans bigger than Orcs breaks the lore of Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. They should still be bigger than regular humans, but they shouldnt be bigger than Orcs.