Kul Tiran Women - Big girls can't be pretty Blizz?

(Alårak) #199

Its only harmful for the weak-minded, they hurt their own feeling.

(Amine) #200

Oh, so you are one of those. ok, you just keep on stating ‘facts’ for people.


You look good to ol’ Big Chuck. I don’t see any problem. :man_shrugging:


You know what’s more exhausting that people that are never happy about anything? People that get what they want and continue to complain and be unhappy.
Get over yourself.

(Pitagriffin) #203

Saying something like, “I’m not attracted to big girls” would be stating a preference. Saying that big girls aren’t pretty is body shaming. I’m pretty sure that’s the literal definition of it.


dang, just looked her up. Holy cow, is she smokin’:heart_eyes:

And a bigger girl to boot. Almost makes me think she was an inspiration for the KT thickness


Making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body, size or weight is the definition.

Saying big girls aren’t pretty sounds just like an opinion to me but I suppose that can also be body shaming if saying I don’t find you pretty to be criticizing.

(Pitagriffin) #206

Saying “I don’t find you pretty” is not criticizing. Saying that big women are not pretty solely because they are big is body shaming.


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(Bofur) #208

I’d start a relationship with her and let it grow old, stale, and eventually break up like every other girl ive ever dated. Don’t see what the big deal is

(Jose) #209

Careful OP, you’ll hurt the art team’s feelings, just like skipping world content via portals or flying :roll_eyes:

I don’t see the KT females as having overly mannish faces, but I do think it’s weird that Kul’tirans, who have not been separate from the other humans for that long historically, have apparently been so genetically divergent…lol

(Svenska) #210

But they’re not?


If you want a hot redhead, may I suggest a blood elf? Way better than a Kul Tiran.

(Bravefighter) #212

Wow, your lady kul’tiran looks great.

(Bravefighter) #213

Women are held to a higher standard of beauty in society, I guess. It’s almost like men are expected to be ugly and masculine.

(Wolfthorn) #214

To answer your question: no, fat girls can’t be pretty.

9 out of 10 fat people are fat because they are A) lazy, B) gluttons, C) a combination of A and B. Anyone who possesses those qualities is not attractive.


I find it hilarious and scary and down right repulsive to see dudes playing chick toons in the game who also have chick names. What are you hididng???

At least play a chick who has a bad a$$y vibe to it. Like me.

(Svenska) #216

Those face edits were awful. They made them look angry and masculine.


She is ACTUALLY “thicc”. Notice she’s bigger, but has a figure and no beer gut? Fem Kow’tirans are just obese.

(Sincubus) #218

Compared to weathered and hardened look the males got in design the women just look soft and unworked with a scar added here or there to make up for it. If you wanted realistic proportions you didnt get it. The men LOOK like they work hard doing physical labor with high endurance all day then drink heavily and eat starchy foods till they pass out.

The women look weak in comparison, no visible arm strength, soft features, and lax way of standing. We see and hear about them doing amazing things in game but their design doesnt show it.