Kul Tiran racials are dull



I feel like the Kul Tiran racials need some work or change. I doubt they will, but I’ll still voice my opinions on the matter.

IMO, none of these racials seem to add any good racial identity to the race like other Allied races have received. With Kul Tirans being the big premier allied race of BfA for the Alliance it feels disappointing. The Zandalari seem to have gotten way more love than the Kul Tirans in every avenue of customization and flavor.

Kul Tiran racials are,

Haymaker - Wind up, then unleash your might upon your foe, dealing 20 Physical damage, stunning for 3 sec, and knocking them back substantially. 2.5 minute cooldown
Brush It Off - Increases Versatility by 1%. When you take damage, heal for 2% of that amount over 4 sec.
Child of the Sea - Hold your breath for 50% longer and swim 10% faster.
Jack of All Trades - Increases all Tradeskills by 5.
Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Reduces Frost and Nature damage taken by 1%.

My Opinions.
-Haymaker might be ok for PvP and open world content I guess.
-Brush it off’s heal component seems almost entirely negligible.
-Child of the sea is worthless. The Forsaken had a underwater breathing racial once and it was pointless so you got rid of it, remember? Now you’re giving it to the premier allied race for the Alliance?
-Jack of all trades might be nice if we could have more than 2 professions and if professions weren’t pointless this expansion. Even then, tradeskill levels don’t really matter anymore.
-Rime of the Ancient Mariner is just another generic damage reduction racial.

All of the KT racials are dull and boring compared to what the Zandalari are getting. Embrace of the Loa is probably the most flavorful racial in the game and gives players a nice choice in what they want as a racial. Being able to pick 6 different buffs is awesome. There healing racial is insane, even if it can be interrupted. The Pterrordax Swoop does have a long CD which is not great, if it ends up being lowered though it would be phenominal. More gold is an ok racial.

Kul Tirans just don’t have any good racials in terms of flavor that’s actually mildly useful and it’s disappointing to me. Along with the poor character customization we’re already getting it just feels like no time was spent working on the Kul Tirans at all.

(Svenska) #2

I like them. I don’t like game changing racial abilities, all they do is cause people to flock to whatever happens to be the “best” race for any given class or spec.

If anything, Zandalari racials need knocked down a few pegs.

(Smig) #3

The only problem racial with zand is regen which a blue already commented on. It’s going to get nerfed, we just dont know what the change will be yet.

Then they have pteradax swoop with its 15 min CD. Its supposed to be a glider. The glider that can be crafted for all to use for almost nothing has a 3 min CD same as the engineering tinker. This CD needs to come down to 5 min at least.

I see no issues with the kt racials. Every one seems to fit the nautical theme. Brush it off is extremely good for a passive. I think blizz needs to find some way to make all 1% racials more like it. I’m not excited to be punched by mages and priests.

Also, forsaken dont have to breath underwater. It was rerurned to the beta version and merged into touch of the grave.

(Svenska) #4

The Loa racial has the potential to be really strong, especially if you can change it often. We’ll have to see what the CD on it is.


I will agree here. I think Kul’Tiran would look better or even fine if not for the fact the Zandalari traits for lack of a better word seem like both strong survival and player power gains.

(Rodians) #6

Someome say Kul’Tiran Mages?


Then not using them correctly. With warrior use haymaker and then charge. then hit heal. Go from 8k in health back to 35k. depending on crits or not. Just one of example.

Shaman use haymaker. Knock back, hex and heal up.

That a 2.5 damage reduction for all class. it cannot be stopped if cc. thank about this. You take less damage across the board and do not have to waste time activating it or standing still. then add a .5% increase in damage all time. Makes it strong.

This one does need a boost to at least 15%.

This one actually good. never understood people do not get it a damage reduction thing. I do get it needs to be at least 5%. still, 1% off 20k is 2000 less damage. Some cases might be a breaking point.

Just saying stop looking for other side and what they got. Look at your side. See for what it is.

(Zinj) #8

Actually, it’s 200

That aside, I like the racials . Haymaker is really powerful and will be the best pvp racial in the game. Three second stun and a pretty long knock back is incredible. Need distance? Need to blow somebody off lumber mill? Need an interruption? Plus it fits their theme

It’s flat out awesome

OP mentioned flavor and then poopooed Child of the Sea which is totally appropriate.

Brush it off fits with their appearance and overall flavor for sure.

There’s also a versatility + heal that is thematically appropriate if not a “WoW” talent. Same goes for buffed tradeskills

All in all this is one of the best sets of racials in the entire game and Alliance players should be high-fiving

(Kinria) #9

There’s a current problem where Haymaker is not knocking enemy players away. Just your base 3 second stun. Which may mean it won’t work as intended… or Blizzard already brought the fun nerf down.


really, dang back to ptr. It sucks bg and no mounting. Made it fun. But a pain in the neck for 120.