Kul Tiran beards


Blizzard, full beard please!


I’m drinking tea at 3am thinking of a full beard on a Kul Tiran.


Starting the work day while needing a full Kul Tiran beard.


Kul Tirans need a beard that looks like Velen’s though honestly. I want a huge beard.

(Dremall) #25

Please for all that is holy give Kul Tirans a glorious mane to make any dwarf die of jealousy. That type of bod screams for an epic beard. Make it happen Blizzard, more importantly art team!

(Thorland) #26

I’m a beard lover and will gladly cast my vote!

(Kerguelen) #27

More beards!
I want troll beards too


Why hasn’t blue let us know a full beard will be in the game? A travesty!

(Klowdywilde) #29

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you haven’t been notified because it’s not being implemented. No reason to come in and just piss people off. It’s better to just let people ask with no response at all. At least then you can always hope.


No need to concern yourself with how others post. #KulTiranFullBeard

(Klowdywilde) #31

What is the point of your post, just to be rude? I never said don’t post, called anyone a crybaby, or made any attempts to belittle anyone. I gave an answer as to why blizzard hasn’t responded, and actually gave a lighter side to being hopeful. Maybe you should take your own advice, and not worry about how I post if you’re going to be rude about responses with only good intentions.


Bump for Kul Tiran full beards.

(Divium) #33

We all know why we’re here

2nd picture made by Valteron


Look at that glorious beard!


look awesome with full beard :smiley:


full beard picture looks great.


I was totally thinking the full beard with the mustache that has a slight twirl at the ends from Dragon Age Inqusition. This is close though!

(Scruit) #38

Yes, everyone knows the most manliest of men sport both beards and moustaches…

And KT are definately manly men


I can get on this train. I have joined the beard culture IRL and would love a nice full beard for my KT.


Also, make the beards visible with all or at least most helm options where you can see any amount of the face. I made another thread about this here:

It really is aggravating when various helms give you the mandatory shave treatment. Kul Tiran beards are not as long as dwarves so clipping shouldn’t be an issue. Let us see our customized facial hair options or what’s the point of having them?