Kul Tiran beards


The Kul Tiran males need a full beard/mustache combo PLEASE. Every style they have is either a mustache only, a beard with no mustache, or a weird soul patch/mutton chop combo.
Please give Kul Tiran males a full beard with the mustache from facial hair option 2 or 4.

A simple fix, Combine the beard from option 7 with the mustache from option 2 or 4 or take option 9 and close the beard.

Kul Tiran Male customization discussion

This post needs a ton of up-votes! Yes, the Kul Tiran males need a full mustache & beard option.


Thanks! Hopefully it happens!

(Dartlic) #4

I agree, there needs to be a full beard option for the Kul Tirans.

Also remember that beard that Tandred had?
Remember the beard that Daelin had?

It would be pretty nice to have those options for the normal sized humans too, but I digress.


that would be nice. Normal humans have the worst looking beards in the game. It’s pretty sad.

(Dartlic) #6

Nothing like having a pinecone glued to your chin.


Hahaha, my thoughts exactly.


Give the females a beard option too, and same for dwarf females!


I have a Santa body and no Santa beard? Give us full beards! Please and thank you.

(Máxymo) #10

They also need the Slim version


Need a full beard.


They need a full dwarvish beard, with Viking braids and everything.

(Mortekai) #13

Give em dwarven beard options. Complete with anchor braids.

By which I mean full sized anchors


I would love to have huge beards on Kul Tirans.


I Photoshopped this a couple of months ago because I too agree! It’d be awesome if they used the longer chin/beard model combined with one of the solo mustaches options, like this: i.imgur. com / SIMm9Bj.jpg

(I can’t embed links just yet, so hopefully this works! Just remove the spaces, or if anybody wants to link the embedded image here totally feel free to do so!)


Bump. Kul Tirans need full beards.


More love for the full beard needed.


I want my full beard. Some naval tattoos would be cool too.

(Dartlic) #19


I already RP that Dartlic has a few navy tats and this would be icing on the cake.

Twin swallows on the collars, some nautical stars, or some anchors would really seal the deal.


Yeah I would love it. I really can’t believe the naval race doesn’t have any tattoo options at all. Sailors have a huge tattoo culture and the sailor/naval race not getting any is crazy, IMO.