Kul Tiran and Zandalari Unlock Requirements

Yay, gating new content to old content always works.


Are Kultirans able to be played as Paladins? Cause it only makes sense…let’s be honest lore reasons I’m sure they could have been in the past before they lost touch with the mainland. If trolls can be Paladins Kultiran should be able to as well…


Thank you for the clarity.

However…I will once again go on to state that Tides of Vengeance should be entirely unnecessary from an in-game perspective (as in based upon what IS in the game RIGHT NOW) as Kul’Tiras officially rejoined the Alliance in 8.0 and the Horde had done so much for the Zandalari during 8.0 that if said Zandalari didn’t immediately throw in their lot with the Horde, the Zandalari come off as ungrateful to an insulting extent.


Yay! I’ll be able to play them right away, because unlike the people complaining about it being gated, I actually played the game and just slowly unlocked all the requirements over time! :smiley:


We did mention in the recent Q&A that there were some development challenges that impacted things a bit, so it isn’t entirely for story reasons. From my personal opinion though, I felt that being friends with a group and having them throw in entirely to where we can play as those characters are a bit different from each other.

This is just my opinion though and I understand where you are coming from. :slight_smile:


While you’re lurking … all the kinks and quirks of the new races – among them customizations, animations, etc – will be worked out and reiterated I presume before release?


I think one of the major worries was if a dungeon/raid would also be part of the requirements.

I’m really glad they’re not along with having to being exalted with the other factions too just to unlock those two.


I don’t think that Bwonsamdi wanted the Zandalari to join the Horde until Talanji was on the throne. If you want death, then, you get a lot more the way it went down, be it innocent Zandalarian sailors that were in their own port, minding their own business, and are in no way Allied with the Horde being massacred by a sneaky bomb attack, or just all the death up to and including the king- and then what further war will bring. So, I think since he had control over the king, he probably kept the Zandalari from joining the Horde until now.


We clarified that raiding wasn’t needed and people immediately wanted clarity on what was needed down to specifics. I put this together to help ensure everybody was on the same page and if they aren’t exalted or avoid doing quests, they can hop on those right away.


Do you have to complete all the requirements on one toon for either faction? Or can it be a combination of different toons as long as its same account same faction?


And thank you for posting the clarification.

Just pretty pretty please with a cherry on top pass on that if there anymore plans for Allied Races to let the requirements be known as soon as possible to stop any worries on what’s needed.

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you had since last august to work on the rep and quest to unlock them. There is no excuse for that for those who played BfA.


Does the Zandalar Forever! quest chain have to be completed on the same character as the Tides of vengeance war campaign?

Swapped Characters after I had already completed the Zandalar forever! Achievement.


Since the zones are separated, will unlocking KT humans also unlock the Zandalari?

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If you have unlocked Kul Tiran and you want a Zandalari then you need to do all of the horde requirements on a horde character. The mag’har/dark iron worked this way as well if I’m remembering right.


I love that these threads are so helpful :smiley:


I hope blizzard revises this way of unlocking allied races. I have been doing both horde and alliance toons and it honestly feels awful to do all grinds on both sides so just unlock mirror allied races.

I will do the grind, but it doesnt feel good to repeat it.


Theyre constantly making changes. Lots of animation changes were made in last build, and even more in the newest one

The unlocking method in Legion was better because the factions were shared. It’s a lot to ask to double up on the grind whereas before we never had to do that. Please reconsider it.