Kul Tiran and Zandalari Unlock Requirements

Is Zandalari Forever! required to be completed on the unlocking char or is the achievement account wide?

The achievement is account wide.

Oh god… We got another one.

Those were Drakkari Trolls.

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The Achievements are account wide, you only need to complete them once.

Sorry for the delay, but I got some details related to characters that swap factions and these requirements! If you do a faction change your reputations will switch over but quest completion does not, so if you want to qualify to unlock the kul tiran/zandalari you will need to do the main storyline for that continent and faction.

Note that for the War Campaign aspect, if you got to exalted with 7th Legion/Honorbound then you can just do all the chapters without any delays to gain more reputation.

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I can see a developer Q&A in the future having Ion stating the following: “We agree that faction changing a character just so it would not take as long to unlock the new allied race is not ideal. Therefore, we will make it so if you have unlocked the campaign on one faction, you will only need to complete the quest chain to unlock it on the other.”

Can we just skip to that dev Q&A now? I don’t have the time to grind out an alliance character purely for playing a KulTiran, and I’m sure some similarly aged gamers would share my sentiment.


So if I have three lvl 120 characters:

  • A is a horde who has exalted with both Zandalari and Honorbound
  • B is also a horde without exalt rep for Zandalari
  • C is an alliance who has exalted with both Proudmoore and 7th legion

All characters have done all the required war campaign steps. All the reps were gained legitly - no faction change previously involved.

Right now, I can see the achievement for getting exalted with the Zandalari on both characters A and B. So my questions are:

  1. Once the allied races are out, can I use character B to complete the recruitment quest for the Z-Troll?
  2. If I faction change A to alliance, will the achievement for getting exalted with the Zandalari stay with character B? Can I still use B to complete the recruitment quest?

Thank you!

I thought that too, but then again they seem to worship the sea and follow sea priests, no indication of light worship. I think Zandalari Troll came out of nowhere though.

All is not lost! We have to fight for the inclusion of KT Paladin.

Some must fight so that others can cosplay as Reinhardt in game


Thanks for clarifying.

We had Prelates back in MoP and the Freethinkers back in Vanilla.

can we race change?

Once unlocked yes.

Honestly excited for this lol

I’d be careful about the order of operations, because the other achievements for unlocks matters, too. “Zandalar Forever!” doesn’t become the equivalent “A Nation United” upon switching, as far as I believe.

In my case, I have a horde character who’s exalted with both Zandalari and Honorbound, and has done the Tides of Vengeance and Zandalar Forever! achievement. I also have an alliance character who has done the A Nation United achievement.

My plan is to unlock Zandalari first (I already unlocked Mag’har), faction change my horde character to alliance, and then do the full alliance war campaign (which shouldn’t have any delays between steps thanks to my rep changing properly) in order to unlock Dark Irons and Kul Tirans. After doing so, I’ll faction change back.

I’m actually still hesitant to race change right away because I don’t know if there will be more faction-specific allied races during the rest of this expansion (and thus don’t want to repeat the faction change process).

I love how they find new ways of forcing people who don’t do dungeons to do dungeons … not!


Doing dungeons to unlock allies irritates me a lot too. The only thing that surprised me was that there are so many more of them for the alliance races than the horde ones. But overall, it just makes a bad decision worse.


The requirements are so easy, it’s insane to see people complain. I’ve been exalted with the Proudmoore Admiralty since September. I did not touch horde content for months and got exalted with the Zandalari Empire in a few weeks of mild focus once I got around to it. They’ve even added more avenues for rep since launch with the faction incursions. Stop complaining and do a few incursions/emissaries and you’ll get exalted, it’s not long or hard.

The quests/achievements everyone else is moaning about? That’s the game, if you haven’t been doing the basic elements of the game then why would you expect the basic rewards? The alliance “requirement” of LFD isn’t even a requirement when a freshly dinged character can faceroll heroics in 15 minutes. Just play the game.

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It’s a real treat to do some of this now. Eye for an Eye is super miserable. Suspicious 8.1 assaults changed the npcs in the town without buffing the shredder.