Kul Tiran and Zandalari Unlock Requirements

Do you have to complete all the requirements on one toon for either faction? Or can it be a combination of different toons as long as its same account same faction?


And thank you for posting the clarification.

Just pretty pretty please with a cherry on top pass on that if there anymore plans for Allied Races to let the requirements be known as soon as possible to stop any worries on what’s needed.

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you had since last august to work on the rep and quest to unlock them. There is no excuse for that for those who played BfA.


Does the Zandalar Forever! quest chain have to be completed on the same character as the Tides of vengeance war campaign?

Swapped Characters after I had already completed the Zandalar forever! Achievement.


Since the zones are separated, will unlocking KT humans also unlock the Zandalari?

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If you have unlocked Kul Tiran and you want a Zandalari then you need to do all of the horde requirements on a horde character. The mag’har/dark iron worked this way as well if I’m remembering right.


I love that these threads are so helpful :smiley:


I hope blizzard revises this way of unlocking allied races. I have been doing both horde and alliance toons and it honestly feels awful to do all grinds on both sides so just unlock mirror allied races.

I will do the grind, but it doesnt feel good to repeat it.


Theyre constantly making changes. Lots of animation changes were made in last build, and even more in the newest one

The unlocking method in Legion was better because the factions were shared. It’s a lot to ask to double up on the grind whereas before we never had to do that. Please reconsider it.


This was advertised last year…then you don’t give out requirements until now. :rage::rage: Way to try and keep your players playing or trying to force us to keep a sub. We’re not stupid, content is looking more like a 3rd party free 2 play content.

-Very unhappy customer


Why does Alliance require doing four dungeons, but Horde merely requires leveling quests? And to add to that, why doesn’t the Horde one require LFR Battle of Dazar’alor, at minimum? The story in the raid is vital to the recruitment scenario.


Excellent, as someone who loves seeing content gated in a game you pay monthly I would like to propose some more gating to teach people the history of WoW. Before you can log in people should be forced to complete the Warcraft 3 campaigns as all the factions. You must also complete frozen throne. Once that is done submit an essay on what you believe is the horde and alliances motive in the war. You must go into detail on who you support and why. Essays should be no less then 2000 words. Damn, I love gating!


Anything on us seeing more customization for KT and Zandalari? KT Males still only have 2 faces.


Most people complain about the time-gating not the requirements to unlock them. And I agree with them.


Imagine being like you and wishing other people to have a hard time because you feel hard done by. Sad.


Oh lawd, how did you people manage to turn this into another childish “bias” thread. Get over yourself, mate. Doing the KT requirements with my Paladin was no more difficult than doing the Zandalari requirements with my DK.

Let’s just ignore the weeks of 30% WM bonus and free 400 gear for my Alliance characters to enjoy.


I’ve completed all the above on my only 120 character. If I was to faction change to alliance now, would I still be able to unlock Zandalari, or do I need to wait till the unlock quest chain is live before faction changing?


What do you mean “you people”? Discriminate much?


Hehe, whoops. :shushing_face::innocent:

I would never discriminate against the partially blind/stylish eyepatch wearers.